Make Music With Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas Musical Toy

Just the right size for little hands to grasp and shake, these maracas will get baby rattling and rocking to the beat in no time.

These maracas are the perfect size for baby hands

I got these as a gift from my mom for my baby shower and I finally got to pull them out and use them a couple months ago. My son absolutely loves these and plays with them all the time! The middle part of this toy that is quite thin is the perfect width for him to wrap his chubby hands around and shake to his little heart’s content. The soft side offers another place for him to hold onto as well as a softer surface for the inevitable forehead smashing that usually occurs whenever he has anything in his hands.

This musical toy is easy to clean

I was very concerned about the fabric part and how I could possibly keep it clean. The rest of it I usually just wipe down with a diaper wipe but this part was a little trickier. Finally, I thought of just putting it in the washing machine and that has worked wonderfully to get it all clean. This is definitely a good thing because my son is constantly putting the soft side into his mouth. I love the bright colors of these toys and the fun patterns on the end really catch my little man’s attention. The yellow one is his favorite and he always gravitates towards it when he is looking for a toy to play with!

A few flaws in this Fisher-Price toy!

Even though I have found a way to get the soft side of this clean it is still stained and continues to get more and more stained every day. This happens when my baby boy puts his tiny hands on or into something messy and then grabs this toy. Unfortunately, there is really no way to get the stains out that I have found so I guess I will just have to take comfort in knowing that it is clean! I was not that impressed with the sound of this rattle. I felt like it was on the quiet side and kind of dull. That being said, my son doesn’t seem to mind that too much so I guess it really isn’t a big deal at all!

A great toy for little ones!

My son sure enjoys this rattle and he has been using it and playing with it for a couple of months now without getting bored. I love to see him shaking it around and learning how to make music. It has definitely become one of his absolute favorite toys and is usually in his hand or somewhere nearby. I always make sure to pop this toy in the diaper bag when we leave the house because I know for a fact that this will calm him down and distract him when he gets all worked up! If you have a baby between the ages of three and twelve months I think that this is a great toy for that age group. Any older and they might want something a little bit louder!

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