Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer

That’s right: the iProvèn DMT-116A medical forehead and ear thermometer is applicable for all ages. First, it is perfect for parents with little children; it is extremely convenient to take the temperature of your youngster without them even noticing. The Easy back-light screen makes it possible to do so effortlessly at night. Second, this product works just as great for adults. Just place the thermometer to the temple of the head and press the button. Move to the other side of the head while holding the button and there you go. There is simply no easier or quicker way to take a temperature. The most work is in taking the device out of its storage pouch.

This medical forehead and ear thermometer has come to my rescue more than a time or two. It is a lot more accurate than other ones that I have tried and way easier to use. I have a three year old daughter and a six month old son and it works even on my squirmy baby. I love the fact that it has an ear setting and a head setting so that you can pick and choose where you want to take the temperature. It is way better than the ones you get from the hospital that you can only use rectally, under the tongue, or under the armpit because that rarely works with a baby who doesn’t want to sit still.

The medical thermometer comes in a small carrying pouch which really comes in handy when you are traveling to keep it nice and clean. The thermometer itself has a large display that is really easy to read and glows in the dark for middle-of-the-night temperature checks. It also beeps if the temperature is over 99.5 to signify that the child has a fever. I also love how fast the reading comes up. There is very minimal wait time which is ideal when you have sick babies.

The battery cover was very hard to remove and can be annoying when you are trying to change the batteries. In my opinion it makes it more durable when it’s dropped and means that the cover won’t pop off and batteries won’t fly everywhere. The cover also tends to get caught up on the display window which is slightly annoying but definitely not a deal-breaker.

All-in-all, I think that this medical forehead and ear thermometer is a great investment and it is great quality. It’s hard to find a thermometer that’s easy to use and accurate but this one is both. Every household needs a thermometer and I definitely recommend that you buy this one. It is one of the better ones out there for sure.

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