Multitask With Tykes & Tails 5 in 1 Baby Breastfeeding Cover

Our multi use cover is a fantastic gift for all newborns and moms alike. It not only works as an infinity scarf, but a fitted nursing cover, car seat cover / car seat canopy, shopping cart seat cover, high chair seat cover and can be used as an ultra soft lightweight blanket as well. Feeding time can be full of distractions and noise but this baby cover will allow for infant and mom to comfortably enjoy their time together while baby eats, sleeps, or just relaxes. It’s plush material won’t be hot during the summer months but still gives mom and baby complete privacy. The nursing cover comes in several colors to match all of mom’s favorite outfits.

This cover has so many different uses!

I was in the market for a nursing cover so that I could comfortably breastfeed my son in public. Unfortunately the only ones that I could find were overpriced in my opinion and I could not justify spending that much money on something that I would not use very often. Then I came across this product which is not only reasonably priced but also so diverse that I can use it for so many different things. I wear it quite often as a scarf because it is so cute and soft that it works really well as an infiniti scarf and makes any outfit look put together. I also love it as what I originally purchased it for which is a nursing cover. It is soft but still breathable which means that my baby doesn’t get too stuffy underneath it. One of my favorite ways to use it is as a car seat cover because, as I mentioned before, it is very breathable but it still keeps the sun and wind off of my baby. It even works as a blanket when we are out. If my son falls asleep in the car seat and I don’t have a blanket I will frequently use this in place of one.

Perfect for breastfeeding on the go

This cover fits perfectly in my diaper bag which makes it perfect for taking shopping or wherever else I will potentially need to breastfeed. It can be folded down to be quite small and doesn’t take up too much room which is very handy. It has a drawstring, so when I use it on the car seat I can cinch it up to make sure that nothing gets through whether that’s light, rain, or snow. However, I can also un-cinch it for easy access to the car seat handle which makes carrying a lot safer and simpler.

Tykes & Tails could improve!

When this product arrived and I opened it the first thing that I noticed was a very distinct chemical smell. I put it in the wash to see if it would come out and, fortunately, it did. I was very happy about this but I figured that the smell was worth mentioning just so you’re aware that it has one. That is my only real complaint about this product and I feel that that could be fixed in manufacturing and also by just washing before use.

A great breastfeeding cover

I love this for days when we go out and I haven’t pumped . It makes it so that I can breastfeed and still maintain my own privacy. I feel more comfortable when I can stay covered and this makes that possible. I also love this for shopping trips to keep germs and stranger’s hands off of my child. It is hard enough to keep them well and having people you don’t know touching your baby doesn’t help. Overall, I think that this is a great product and I love the idea and the inspiration behind it. I highly recommend this to all mothers, whether you’re breastfeeding or not!

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  1. My cousin has this and she highly recommended it for me. She lets me try it and it really feels comfy and usable. I would love to have one. One of the main thing I liked about this is its multi function that you were able to use it as a car seat cover and a nursing cover. I highly recommend this product.