Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate

The Munchkin easy-close metal safety gate shuts firmly with an easy push, allowing you to keep your baby safe at all times. Ideal for busy parents and caregivers, the easy-to-install gate offers a convenient, wide door and an elegant, slim design that suits your home’s modern decor. Plus, the double-locking system and an optional third lock at the gate’s base offer peace of mind at all times. Several extension options allow you to custom fit this sturdy steel gate virtually anywhere in your house.

This is a great baby gate. I saw really good reviews on this easy-close metal safety gate so I decided to try it out since I had a very active toddler on my hands. It was fairly easy to put together and fits in any doorway that I want to put it. My toddler likes to pull and push on it and my husband slams the door when he goes through it and it has still held up remarkably well. It hasn’t fallen or broken and the latch still works very well. I also think it is nicer looking than some of the other gates I have seen and I like the simple, white design as opposed to the wooden design of a lot of them.

I like the fact that the gate makes a clicking sound when it latches because that means even if I am carrying a basket of laundry or a child I don’t have to try and check to make sure it is closed. I also like how big the opening is very large so it’s easy to get through unlike a lot of baby gates I have seen which again comes in handy when you’re trying to carry an armload of stuff. I also love the convenient feature of opening both ways.

I have had mine for quite a while and the latch has become increasingly harder to push the button to open the gate which makes the easy-close not quite as easy. It is still a good latch and doesn’t stop me from using the gate but it is slightly less convenient than it used to be. I have oiled it and that seems to loosen it up quite a bit so if you are having a similar problem I would suggest trying that.

Overall, I think it is a very nice gate and it’s one of the more affordable ones that I have seen. It has a lot of convenient features and not a lot of downfalls which is exactly what you want out of a product. My sister has the same one and she loves it as well. I highly recommend this easy-close metal safety gate if you are looking for a good one.

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  1. I love this baby gate, I have used it for the past 3.5 years. It’s simple, easy to install, cleans up nicely and for now impossible for my 3 year old to open. The lock on the bottom is an added bonus. It’s extremely durable and will probably last until my 3 month old grows out of it.