Organize With Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock

A fun way to pick up toys – the Jumbo toy HAMMOCK gets the mess up off the floor with 6 feet of strong, polyester hammock storage for bears, bunnies, and all their favorite toys. Your kids will love throwing their stuff into the HAMMOCK. Adults can easily install with three hooks that screw into the wall. Plain and simple, this is a great storage solution for any room in your house.

This hammock keeps my son’s room clean!

When my son was born everyone got him at least one stuffed animal because that’s what you do when someone has a baby. Well, six months later and he has started quite the collection and his room started to look like an episode of hoarders! I started looking online for some cheap solutions that aren’t completely hideous. I finally came across this and completely fell in love! It initially caught my eye just because I loved the idea of being able to still see his stuffed animals while having them out of the way and all together in one place. I also loved the fact that the material was white mesh because it is a nice, neutral design that wouldn’t interfere with the decor in his nursery.

A super easy toy hammock

This was so easy to install it actually surprised me! I am not a handyman by any stretch and I can barely hold a hammer without hurting myself. All this needed was three hooks and it was up and ready to go which meant that I didn’t even need my husband’s help! I was very impressed with the sturdiness of this hammock. For the price I was kind of expecting to have issues with the stuffed animals being too heavy for it but it actually held up to the weight remarkably well! I can fit a ton of toys in there and it has not fallen or ripped the screws out of the wall! The material is also extremely stretchy so it conforms to the shape of the toys which I personally like.

Might require adjustments for more toys!

I wish that this hammock had adjustable straps to make room for more toys as he collect more. Instead I will have to readjust the hooks to accommodate the growing collection. This is not a huge deal but it means more work and more holes in my walls that could be easily avoided if there were straps that could be adjusted to fit my needs. The instructions are also not ideal as they are quite vague which makes things a little difficult. It makes it harder to determine where to place the hooks in order to have the net hang properly even with toys in it. This could easily be fixed by the manufacturer and would greatly improve the experience the consumer has with this product.

Prince Lionheart won with this product!

I genuinely think that this is a product that every mom needs in order to keep the kid’s toys off of the floor and out of the way. It is so cute and functional and once you have it all installed there really aren’t any problems to be had. I would definitely buy more of these if needed and may even get some for other rooms in my house. I think that this is a great product to try out and if you are considering it and just haven’t taken the leap yet I would most definitely recommend it! For the price you really can’t beat it.

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