Pacify With Mama & Little Silicone Teething Nursing Necklace for Mom Sol

Sol is a bold, modern design that will style up anything you wear it with, even your little’s drool. Five of our signature silicone hexagon beads in Black Licorice take center stage balanced by a subtle gradient of round Cream beads. An instant classic you’ll find yourself wearing even when you’re not around your little. Every Mama & Little Teething Necklace is made from food-grade silicone and hand-crafted with care. This high-quality silicone is an important attribute that helps make our teething jewelry safe for moms and their little ones.

A stylish alternative to regular teething necklaces

When my son started teething I was constantly looking for things for him to chew on. Unfortunately he would constantly drop any teething toy I gave him and his next option was my finger, my shoulder, or my breast while I was breastfeeding. This became very frustrating and very painful before too long. One day while out shopping I saw a mother wearing this and her child was contently chewing on it. I immediately asked where she had gotten it and ordered my own. I can say with full confidence that this is the best baby thing that I have ever bought. It really has saved my sanity. I really love the fact that it is not ugly or multi-colored so I don’t mind wearing it all the time. My son absolutely loves it as well and no longer uses my skin as a chew toy!

Perfect for teething babies!

The beads are made up of hard silicone so they are perfect to soothe that ache that my little one gets in his gums. They are the perfect combination of hard and pliable which makes them the perfect density to really offer relief. I love the fact that the beads don’t go all the way around the necklace because that means that I won’t get my hair tangled in it while I have it down. This necklace is extremely easy to clean and only requires a cycle in the dishwasher or a simple wipe-down with a cloth in order to get any remnants of food, drool, and anything else you can imagine off of it!

This necklace is easy to pull off!

The only thing that is even remotely negative about this necklace is the clasp. It is a click-in barrel clasp that is easy to pull apart and I have had my son pull this necklace off of me more than once and then drop it on the floor. The worst is when that happens in the middle of the grocery store where the floor is covered in a plethora of nasty germs. I think the problem would be solved if this was one solid necklace because that would make it impossible for the baby to rip it off and drop it. However, that would also mean that the entire style would have to change. Therefore I think that there is no way to reasonably expect the company to change this but it is something that you should be aware of when buying this necklace.

A great product from Mama & Little!

There is just something about this necklace that I love. Maybe it is the neutral colors or maybe it is simply how well it works. I find that I am constantly wearing this regardless of whether or not I have my son with me at that given moment. It is comfortable and not at all heavy and half the time I don’t even feel like I am wearing it which makes it so much easier. If I needed to I would definitely repurchase this necklace in a heartbeat. I highly recommend checking this out if you have a teething little one!

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