Pack In Style With Coavas Toddler Backpack

This is cute, cute, cute! And if your kid loves dinosaurs or dragons, they’ll love this. It works great as a surprise birthday or holiday gift. This guy is ultra lightweight, so your kid isn’t going to complain about carrying it around through an airport or to school or whatever on his or her back. The zippered mouth is plenty big, so your young one won’t have any trouble filling this backpack up or digging through it to find stuff. This little dinosaur is extra bright, so it’s great if you’re looking for something to make your kid extra visible at Disneyworld or a department store. Now you have a tool to use against those little ones that like to make a mad dash for it at the most inopportune moment. It’s super fun to “feed the monster” other toys or books or whatever you happen to have on hand.

My toddler’s new favorite thing!

When I was getting ready to go back to work I wanted to get something for my son to put his stuff in and take it to daycare! I started reading reviews and trying to decide which backpack was best for my two year old. A lot of backpacks had super cute designs but most of the reviews said that they were made of cheap material and basically started to fall apart as soon as they put stuff into them. The only backpack that had good reviews was this one so I decided to give it a shot because it is also very cute! I have to agree that this one doesn’t feel cheap. It is made of a very nice, smooth material and the straps are nicely padded and can fit perfectly on my little one’s shoulders. Fortunately, they are also big enough that they can fit on my shoulders as well which means that when my son inevitably gets tired of wearing it for the day I can take over for him. He absolutely loves the dinosaur design of it and has even named it “Lee Lee” and he has even been known to carry it around the house.

The perfect child’s backpack!

I was very happy with the fact that the dinosaur’s head flips all the way over which makes the opening of the backpack extremely large. This means that it will be easier for my son to pull his toys, snacks, and books out of the backpack without any help from me or his caretakers. The main compartment is huge and can fit a significant amount of stuff inside which means that it is sufficient to carry everything that he needs including his naptime pull-ups. He loves being independent and carrying his bag himself and often refers to himself as a “big boy”.

This backpack came smelling very strongly!

When the backpack first arrived the first thing that I noticed was a very strong chemical smell the permeated the entire room. I left the backpack hanging on the clothesline overnight and that did nothing to get rid of the smell. Next I tried putting it into the washing machine and dryer with a few dryer sheets and that seemed to get the smell out. If you buy this I would recommend throwing it in the washing machine first thing to bite the stench right in the butt!

Coavas won my son’s heart!

This backpack is my son’s favorite thing and he likes to take it everywhere with him. I have seen him wear it to daycare, to the grocery store, on a walk, and he even tried to wear it to bed once. I am very happy with this purchase and would definitely buy it again if I ever needed to. I think that my son will be using this up until he goes to pre-k and even past that! I highly recommend checking it out for your little one if they are going to daycare or kindergarten!

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