Pack In Style With Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

The updated duo signature boasts a bevy of new features that moms and dads have requested. The new zip-top closure ensures belongings stay securely in the bag. We added tote handles for versatility and an easy-access tech pocket. The new front panel design allows for more storage and stability while keeping items at the bottom of the bag easily accessible. The duo signature still has all the classic components of the original including our patented shuttle clips that easily convert it from a shoulder bag to a stroller bag. Signature is a classic redesign for the next generation of parents. The duo signature easily attaches to most strollers. Each duo signature comes with a portable cushioned changing pad. Holds tablets and laptops up to 15″.

A stylish diaper bag!

One thing that I absolutely did not want when it came to diaper bags is something that looked really ugly and chunky. I wanted to be able to match the bag to my outfit so I didn’t want it to have too many bright colors or cartoonish designs. After looking online for a little while I came across this and fell in love with the style and design so I ordered it immediately. It arrived and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of this diaper bag. It feels very durable and high quality which is always a bonus when it comes to something that you will be using every day. The pockets on the side have magnets that keep them shut and they do a really good job of making sure that nothing falls out of them even when the bag is turned on it’s side. Along with the pockets that have the magnet, there are also three zipper pockets that nothing falls out of in any circumstances. I love this because there is somewhere to put important things that I don’t want in the main pocket such as my keys, wallet, and phone. Then there is the main compartment which also has two quite large pockets so there is a ton of storage space.

Duo Signature has so many great features.

I am very happy that this bag has stroller clips. I have read multiple reviews of different diaper bags that said that their diaper bag had no stroller clips and it had caused them problems. The stroller clips on this bag are very inconspicuous while still being easy to access and easy to use which is really the best of both worlds. I also love the fact that this diaper bag really never looks bulky. I have had it filled to the brim with all of the things that you need when you have a baby and it still looked nice and because of the multitude of pockets it was still very easy to get to everything that I needed!

Skip Hop has a few design flaws.

My main complaint when it comes to this bag is that it is very small width-wise but tall. This means that it is easy for stuff to get tucked in the bottom but hard to get it out. Now, that being said because of all of the pockets you can avoid this simply by packing smarter. It is just something to keep in mind if you are purchasing this bag! It also had a bad smell when I first received it so I ended up throwing it into the washing machine and letting it air dry on the clothesline and that took care of it. I thought I would mention it because being almost forty weeks pregnant I was very sensitive to smell and that was definitely hard to take!

A great diaper bag for the fashion forward.

In my opinion this is a designer bag at an affordable cost and I absolutely love it! It is so cute and every time I go out wearing it I get compliments and questions about where I got it. I love it and how many pockets it has and I definitely think that it is worth the price. Of course if you go to Wal-Mart or something you will find something more inexpensive but probably not as cute and it all just depends on personal preference. I would say if you are considering buying this diaper bag to just go ahead and do it! I love mine!

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