Pampers Sensitive Wipes 7x Box 448 Count

Clinically proven mild, Pampers Sensitive Wipes help restore babies’ natural skin balance while gently cleaning at the same time. They’re also perfume and alcohol free, they are dermatologist tested, and they work great on the hands and face.

These are the only wipes that work on my son’s sensitive skin. Most other brands and types of wipes break him out in a rash. Before I found these I tried Huggies, the store brand, and other kinds of pampers wipes but the sensitive are definitely the best fit for my family. Every other kind of wipe irritated my son’s skin when I used them on him except for these specific ones. They are very thick wipes and don’t tend to tear easily. They are not too dry or too heavily perfumed either, which is something I had a problem with when it came to other brands of wipes.

This box is a great deal because it comes with one tub, three resealable travel packs, and nine refill packs. For the price I have not found anything that comes close to the same value. I bought this before my child was born and it lasted me a very long time. Since then I have repurchased as needed because I have found that it is the best deal for wipes and it lasts me long enough that I don’t have to go out and buy wipes for a while. I love the variety that comes in this box because I can put the resealable packs in my diaper bag, and use the refills for the tub or my wipe warmer.

There is a downside which is that I have had to find room to store the wipes because it does come with quite a few refills and of course I do not use all of them at once. So it does take up a little extra space but I just emptied out a shelf in the nursery closet and that seems to work just fine. To me, the money saving side of it outweighs the annoyance of how much extra space is needed to accommodate the supply.

I will most likely continue to repurchase this box until my son is out of diapers. It is my favorite way to buy wipes and it’s also extremely affordable. I would definitely recommend it to any moms who want to save a little extra cash or who use the sensitive skin wipes. These wipes are by far the best wipes I have ever used and don’t tend to give me the same issues as other ones that I have tried previously and the box itself is a great value.

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  1. I love these wipes, refillable packs and a travel pack for on the go. Soft, sensitive on babits bum and great prices when shopping in bulk. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love using these wipes on my babies butts, face and body if she made a mess from eating or playing. There so soft, and dront dry her out. Amazing price.

  3. I have used these wipes for generations, since even I was little! Now I have a 3 month old, and he absolutely loves how soft they are, and I love how still effective they are! They aren’t super wet, unlike others, they’re just right!

  4. These are my favorite wipes. I’ve used these since my son was born and they are like using a wash cloth, which I love. I like that they don’t rip apart. These are great for cleaning up the messiest of messes.

  5. My son, born 7 weeks preemie, thanks pampers for these wipes as well as myself! His skin is terribly sensitive, as we found out during our nicu stay, these wipes are what we’re provided to us to use. We continue to use these, they are the perfect thickness without being clumpy, and not to thin that they tear. They provide the most use from a single wipe, making it easy to be comfortable buying a large box, because IT WILL last you quite a while, saving us money. They are gentle enough to use on the bum as well as the face! I’m incredibly happy with these, and absolutely will not buy any other brand!

  6. A price worthy value indeed. This box gives you the most bang for your buck. The wipes take up some space since you get so many, but the deal is so worth the loss of shelf space. The wipes are very strong unlike Huggies one and dones which rip before you even get them out of the package. Hands down the strongest wipe I have found on the market. No more fear of ripped wipes and poop smears

  7. These wipes are wonderful! Befor my daughter was born we were given many brands of wipes and diapers, she used another popular brands and has a diaper rash at 4 weeks old, we switched immediately to Pampers Sensitive and she is now 5 months old and even her doctor is impressed with the results, never even any redness. We week airways use this brand!

  8. These are absolutely my favorite wipes that I’ve ever used. I first used these 9 years ago and still love them just as much. They are soft and durable. They have the right amount of wetness. They have never irritated any of my children. I’ve tried many brands of wipes but none compare to these.

  9. I love pampers products especially for newborns. While I do think the wipes could be a little thicker, I love that they get the job done and are not harsh fit my baby’s skin. Overall I will keep buying pamper products and recommend to any new mom.

  10. I would recommend this product to all new moms. These wipes are strong and durable. Most importantly they are very gentle on sensitive skin. Baby was prone to diaper rash and since switching to Pampers products, we have seen a huge improvement.

  11. These are amazing since birth my baby has had sensitive skin and these are the only wipes he likes. Its amazing cause they come in boxes. He goes through wipes like nothing. They also come in handy when he spits up becuase they dont irritate his face. I will use this product through out his life and im pround to say one of the best wipes I have used in him.

  12. These are they best whiles on the market I’ll recommend to first time mothers they don’t tear like other brands

  13. Papers sensitive skin wipes are hands down one of the best wipes for my daughters sensitive skin. I’ve tried every brand out there and so far these have been the best, and with being a single mom who works with people with intellect disabilities for minimum wage , these wipes are a plus on the low price. I give pamper sensitive wipes a ten star rating and would definitely recommend them to everyone.

  14. These r the holy grail of wipes! My son is so sensitive to everything and these did not give him anu rash! Love them, price very good not to moist and dont fall apart like some brands!!! 2

  15. I love the bundle set. I love the product. Mt son has never had any problems with it. The thickness makes it amazing for all forms of cleaning for the kids…and never had problems of it not handling large problems.

  16. The only wipe I’d use for my baby’s bump bump. Tried huggies before, it was so my shoe and made a mess. Love this one, strong, but soft for my baby’s skin. And I love the unspent. Package is good for refill / portable use.

  17. I love these wipes for my child’s sensitive bottom. They are not too large like I’ve found Seventh Generation wipes to be. They are nice and thick so nothing gets through the wipe on to my skin!

    The large pack is great because in the two months we’ve had our daughter, we’ve only gone through one box! And that’s with us being first time parents thinking we needed to change her every time the notorious blue line appeared on diapers. We’ve also given a box to daycare so we aren’t asked to bring wipes every week.

    But, there are some downsides to these wipes in this box. They are all travel packs and often times I find myself pulling out more than one wipe trying to remove them from the pack. I end up shoving one or two wipes back into the pack and it seems like when they are not neatly packed like originally packed, they dry out and aren’t as moist. In addition, it can be hard to get a good “seal” when closing the package as it gets down to the end, causing the wipes to dry out as well.

    Overall, I’ll keep buying them because the price is good and my child responds well to them. Plus I don’t feel like I’m running out to buy wipes all the time!