Play and Learn With Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

At one point or another, every parent has experienced a particularly loud and headache-inducing toddler toy. But believe it or not, there are toys that make beautiful music too. Perfect for all ages, Munchkin’s Mozart Magic Cube inspires creativity and interactive play while teaching how sounds combine to create eight classical music masterpieces by the master composer. With a touch of a button, this interactive cube lets your child add or subtract from any combination of five different instruments, including harp, French horn, piano, flute and violin. Each selected instrument button flashes to the tempo of the music. An orchestra button even plays all the instruments at once. Two volume levels let you choose the right level of sound. The Magic Mozart Cube provides a fun musical foundation for your little one. And that’s music to your ears – in more ways than one.

It is so great to find a tolerable children’s toy!

I have bought so many toys for my almost one year old baby and so many of them are loud and obnoxious. When you have a couple of toys that are going at the same time it can become very loud and overwhelming very quickly. Another thing that makes most other toys extremely intolerable is the awful songs because they are either just a mash-up of notes that barely works or there is one song that plays on repeat. That is what sets this toy apart from the other ones. This cube plays Mozart music which is a really awesome change from the normal chimes that you usually hear from baby toys. It also has a volume control so that it is not too loud when you need a little extra peace and quiet.

This cube is great for baby’s education and development.

The whole premise of this toy is to teach the baby about the different parts of a musical composition. To teach this they have the instruments on little buttons on each side of this cube and the baby can press any given button and that will either add the music or take away that instrument from the mix. I like to show my son each of the instrument individually and then slowly add them together to make up the composition. I also love that the buttons light up top the beat of the song because I feel like it’s teaching him rhythm because he will slap the ground or his toy in rhythm with the beat. I am also a big fan of the orchestra button because it plays all of the instruments together in the same rhythm.

Now for the bad parts of this Munchkin toy

There are a couple of things that I am not crazy about when it comes to this toy. One of them is the fact that the song is only about five seconds long. This means that if you want to play with it for any period of time you have to listen to the same tune over and over. That can become a little repetitive but I don’t mind so much because it is Mozart and it is a beautiful composition in general. Another thing is that every button on this cube is a different color but when it lights up it looks red. I think that if the buttons lit up in different colors it would be more interesting to the baby. This is obviously not a deal breaker but I think that it would improve the toy if they did this.

A great toy to learn Mozart’s music with

I really like this toy and so does my son. He can play with it for a long time as long as I am playing with him and kind of helping him along the way. He still has a little bit of trouble figuring out the buttons and everything so if I leave him to himself he gets a little bit bored after a while. This is probably mostly because of his age and as he gets older he will get more interested. This cube has also taken quite a beating because he does hit it and throw it around so I can confidently say that this has lasting power. Overall, I definitely think that this toy is worth the money and it will be a cute addition to your baby’s toy collection. I highly recommend this toy to any parents of babies or toddlers.

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