Play Safe With Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

Regalo 4 in 1 Metal Play Yard encloses a large 19 square feet area. Numerous possibilities. Can be configured into a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Not only can it be used as a Play Yard, but also converts to a fire place guard, gate enclosure for extra wide openings, stairway barrier. Includes all hardware. Space between the bars (slate size) is 2.5 “es

Perfect gate to keep baby safe!

We have a big fireplace in our living room that we like to light up in the winter time because it is calming and adds a nice atmosphere. However, since our daughter started crawling and becoming more and more curious it isn’t calming anymore because it mostly means that we have to keep getting up to move her away from the burning hot fireplace and tell her no! Someone told us that we should get one of these to surround the fireplace so that we could just relax so I got online as soon as we got home and purchased one! As soon as it came I set it up and it seemed perfect because it was big enough that she couldn’t even reach through the bars and burn herself on the hearth. That night we lit up a fire in the fireplace and, just like she always did, she crawled over to the fireplace and tried to touch it but she couldn’t reach so she just laid down beside the fireplace and watched the fire blazing. It was probably the most relaxing night we had had for a long while.

Great as a play yard too!

This is awesome for making a safe, little area for my daughter to play in as well. When I need her to stay in one spot while I am making dinner, doing laundry, or other household chores I can set this up in a big circle and put her toys in there with her and it keeps her happy and contained for a short period of time so I can get everything I need to get done finished. She likes it because it gives her more room to play and crawl around then her Pack N’ Play and I like it because it gives me more time to get my stuff done! This gate is easy to set up and take down and I can do it on my own in only minutes. It is fairly easy to latch and open up. I really like the fact that this gate can fold up to be really small because it makes it easy to take it with us when we are traveling or if my daughter is going to spend the night at her grandparents.

A few ways that Regalo could improve this gate!

One thing I am not super pleased with is how heavy this gate is because it is about fifteen to twenty pounds. However, I do understand why it would have to be this heavy so that it is not easy for the baby to move around and such so I can get past that small inconvenience. The biggest complaint that I have is about the lock on this gate. It is bright red which is a harsh contrast against the white of the rest of the gate. This means that it attracts the attention of my daughter right away and she immediately wants to play with it. I worry that when she gets a little bit older she will learn to open it which would defeat the entire purpose. I would like to see Regalo change it so that the latch was the same color as the rest of the gate and less interesting to babies!

A great gate and play yard!

I have really enjoyed using this play yard and gate and I think that buying it was a really good idea. It has held up very well to daily use and it still looks as good as the day I bought it. I have recommended it to all of my friends and I am even considering buying myself a second one so that I can keep one set up as a play area and one around the fireplace. I highly recommend looking into this gate!

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