Play With The Step2 Whisper Ride II

The Step2 Whisper Ride II Buggy – Blue is an updated, roomier version of one of Step2’s best sellers. This cute little machine features a sleek automotive design with soft poly wheels to help provide a smooth, quiet ride. It also features storage under the hood, as well as a handle that can be folded underneath the body to help simplify transport and storage.

The Whisper Ride is great for walks

When my son became a toddler he decided he no longer liked riding in his stroller when we went for walks but he got too tired when he was walking and no longer fit in the baby carrier. I searched high and low for something that would work in place of a stroller but wouldn’t completely drain my wallet. I found this online and I thought it was worth a shot so I ordered it. I am so glad that I did because it is absolutely perfect. My son loves going for walks now because he gets to drive this around and make car noises and I get a nice relaxing workout. This push car is extremely lightweight which I like because it doesn’t hurt my back or shoulders and my husband had this fully assembled in under ten minutes which was amazing and he said it was extremely easy.

This Step2 product has a lot of great features

I really like the fact that this has a cupholder. As I mentioned I love the workout of a walk but I need to stay hydrated while exercising. This makes that easy because I can bring my water bottle along which is something that I couldn’t do with my UPPAbaby Vista stroller (which I still love despite that small flaw). The handle on this car makes it easy to push and a very good aspect is that the steering wheel does not actually turn the wheels. I love this because it would be a huge fight to have to reason with my ornery two year old about which direction we need to go but at least in this case he has the illusion that he is choosing.

I wish the wheels on the Whisper Ride were easier to turn

One thing that could use some improving is the wheels. They are very difficult to turn unless you are making a gradual turn with them. This is a manufacturing error that could be easily fixed and I sincerely hope that they do but as for right now I will continue to use this product regardless of this because, the way I see it, at least I can go for a walk this way. I also wish that this car had some form of shade. I made one myself out of an umbrella from the dollar store because I was worried that my son would get a sunburn. It worked quite well and was reasonably easy but I do wish that this product came equipped with it.

Step2 made a super fun toy

Overall, I think that this car is tons of fun for my son and great because I am able to enjoy a nice walk. I think that it is definitely worth it especially seeing the joy on my son’s face when he played with it for the first time. The seat is large enough that I think that he will be able to play with this until he loses interest which is amazing. I will definitely use this toy with future children as well and I highly recommend this to anyone with toddlers.

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