Potty Train With MOM & BAB Toddler Training Pants

These are partially waterproof so they catch the onset of an accident which should encourage your toddler to notify you or head to the potty. The water-resistant hidden liner is sandwiched between the cotton exterior fabric and inner cotton micro terry liner. Your child will enjoy the cute designs and comfortable fit and hopefully will not go in them. During sleeps or long outings, an extra insert pad, doubling up on the pant or a cover is recommended. Save a bunch compared to pull ups or diapers and help the environment too. They are constructed from the highest quality of cotton and sewn with great precision and detail. They can be hand or machine washed and hung dry or tumble dry on low heat. Your child can continue to wear the pants even when they are fully potty trained and can be used for your other kid(s) as they are guaranteed to not wear out.

A must-have for potty training!

At the beginning of my potty training journey with my son I had a lot of trouble getting him to tell me when he was ready to go! At first I tried using pull-ups on him so that he could tell me but if he didn’t then it wouldn’t be a huge mess. That didn’t work because he just decided that it was easier to go in his pull-up and let mommy take care of it later. After that failed I tried big boy underwear to see if maybe he would tell me when he had to go potty if he knew it would be uncomfortable and make a mess. He did try to tell me when he had to go potty while wearing his “big-boys” but unfortunately more often than not it would be too late by the time he figured out what was happening. That’s where these come in. These underwear are just absorbent enough that they can catch some of the urine which gives him a little more time to react but it also isn’t so absorbent that he thinks that it is okay to go potty in them!

The perfect training pants!

I wasn’t sure what to expect at first when it came to the plastic layer in the middle because I was worried that it would make the pants stiff and uncomfortable. It hasn’t seemed to be a problem so far though. I felt them out when they first arrived and they seemed very comfortable and soft and I have not heard one single complaint out of my toddler who is usually an avid complainer! We have had a couple of accidents in these pants but the good part is that it seems to stay in the underwear very well instead of leaking out into the bottoms that my son is wearing. Then all I have to do is rinse them out and throw them in the washing machine and they are good as new!

A few negative points of these toddler underwear!

One thing that is a little bit annoying about these is how long they take to dry. Because of the plastic layer, they cannot be dried in a dryer but instead have to be hung on a clothesline. This means that it takes even longer to dry them due to the extra layers of fabric. I have bought a couple more of these training pants to make sure that I always have a clean, dry pair ready to go so I don’t have a problem anymore but if you are buying these it is something to plan for and make sure that you are prepared. Another thing that is not exactly a complaint but more of a warning is that these do leak if there is a full on huge accident. Of course these do not claim to be one hundred percent waterproof so that is not incriminating to the brand or product in any way!

Definitely a big help with potty training!

I have fully potty trained my son since buying these and I could not be happier! There is no bigger feeling of accomplishment for mom and toddler than conquering the porcelain everest! As I mentioned before I have already bought multiple packs and I do not regret even one of those purchases. I can’t recommend these training pants enough because they are definitely worth buying. I highly recommend them, if you couldn’t tell!

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