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The Cozy Greens® car window sun shade is the perfect alternative to expensive window tints at a fraction of the price! Our shades shield your children, babies or pets from 98% of harmful UV rays, which gives the added benefit of a temperature cooling effect for the interior of your vehicle. Made with our GuardMeshTM and a double layer of mesh fabric, our sunshade has been certified as UPF 50+, the highest rating in sun protection. Cozy Greens® sun shades are designed with a universal fit, and are guaranteed to fit your car windows. The durable frame is built to last, and the Super Static Cling TechnologyTM allows the shade to easily attach to the car windows, without the need for annoying suction cups. The shades are simple to adjust when needed, and come with a bonus carrying case for compact storage. Each order comes with 2 shades measuring 19 inches wide by 12.5 inches high. The Cozy Greens® car window sun shades will keep your loved ones protected from the heat and glare of the sun.

A great shade for car ride naps

I have a lot of commuting to do in the morning between dropping my children off at school and running any errands that need to get done that day. With a new baby that is hard because she likes to nap in her car seat but early morning sun tends to keep her awake and very grumpy. This keeps all of the sun out of her eyes and allows her to nap to her heart’s content. I also love that it keeps out ninety-eight percent of harmful rays and it makes me a lot more comfortable knowing she is protected. It is very easy to install in the window and it doesn’t have suction cups to hold it up. Instead it has an odd plastic layer that somehow secures it onto the window. I personally like this better than suction cups because I have never had a good experience with suction cups. They always tended to fall down and never stuck for more than thirty minutes. This seems to hold it up very securely for a while.

An easy-to-store window shade

I love the fact that this window shade is so easy to store. It simply folds up and can be put anywhere due to it’s slim build. I generally like to slide it in between the front seat and the console when it is not in use and that works perfectly. These are also very durable! My kids have made a mess of my car and more than once I thought that these shades were a goner but it seems like they are well made. This is great since they are made for use with children and it is a definite testament to the quality of the product. This product also comes with a free carrying pouch which I thought was really cool! It is a thoughtful gesture from the company to include it.

I wish these shades were larger

I think that this shade could stand to be a bit larger. I can understand why Cozy Greens made them this small because they are supposed to be universal but I feel like these would be a small fit on almost any window. They still work well but I would like to see them made larger to cover a bigger area and block out more sun. I also want to mention the appearance of these. They are definitely not the most attractive looking things out there. I wish that they had a cute color or pattern not only to look nice on my car but also to attract the baby’s attention. This is not a dealbreaker but it would definitely be something for the plus column.

A great addition to any car

I think that this is a must-have when you have kids in the back seat. It is so hard to protect them from harmful UV rays and this just helps add that extra barrier and protect them a little bit more. I always have them up in the back windows and I even ordered another one as a backup in case this one doesn’t hold up for as long as I would hope. I definitely think that this is a great buy and it well worth it to have the peace of mind that comes along with it. These are a great product and I recommend them to everyone I meet.

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