Protect With Dr. Safety Baby Magnetic Locks for Cabinets & Drawers

From crawling babies to exploring toddlers, kids of all ages can stumble upon different
dangers at home. Unfortunately, drawers and cabinets simply aren’t enough to protect your little one from potential hazards like scissors, cleaning supplies or medications. Magnetic Locks from Dr. Safety offer a simple yet effective way to safeguard your home! This childproofing kit includes 2 keys and 8 child safety locks, which fit most drawers and cabinets. They’re impossible for kids to penetrate, but are easy for adults to open with just a tap. You can let your little one roam free, knowing your home is safe! The best part? These locks install quickly and require no tools, so there’s no damage to any of your furniture! Instead, we utilize the power of 3M adhesive, which allows for a completely hidden design. Alternatively, we’re including 32 screws for uneven surfaces or older kids. They also feature an unlock switch, perfect for repeated access or when kids aren’t around.

Perfect lock for a curious toddler

My son loves to open drawers and pull every single thing that is in them out and throw them all over my house. This becomes very old very quickly so I bought these hoping they would be the solution. I am happy to report that these do a great job of keeping tiny hands out of places they don’t belong. Basically, there is a key that goes with this latch that is the only thing that is able to unlock this. You hold it where the latch is located and something happens with magnets and the latch releases. Overall, a cool and innovative idea. These were easy to install and have held up well after months of daily use which is a big plus! The kit includes screws if you want to use those instead of the adhesive but I find that the adhesive works just fine so there is no need!

Dr. Safety won’t damage your cupboards

As I mentioned, you really don’t need the screws unless you have an exceptionally strong toddler. This means that you won’t have to damage your cupboards or doors in order to protect your little one. I am super happy about this especially seeing as I live in a rental! Because it is adhesive, it also means that the entire process of installing these is a lot less time consuming. If you have a young child you know how important that is! And lastly but definitely worth mentioning is the fact that the kit comes with eight locks! It is a great deal for the price and means that I can do every cupboard my son can reach in the kitchen.

These magnetic locks don’t come with instructions

I will say that these did not come with instructions included. They are available on the website but I feel like it should be included. I did not personally have that much of an issue because I understood what the locks were supposed to do but it might help others. Another thing worth mentioning is that the key is very easy to lose! I would definitely recommend sticking it to the fridge because or else it will probably end up in your child’s toy box. I did lose my key at one point and discovered that a strong magnet works just as well to open it up so that is always an option too!

A great lock for drawers and cabinets

I think that this design and the ideas behind it is phenomenal. It is extremely innovative and has less of a risk of the child figuring out how to open it. My son has no idea how I unlock it and I plan to keep it that way. I have bought multiple packs of these and baby-proofed everything from the kitchen cupboards to the drawers in his nursery. It solves a lot of problems for me and means that I don’t have to worry so much about what he is getting into and he can just enjoy playing toys in his room. I highly recommended this to anyone with a nosy little one!

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