Reinforce With DexBaby Safe Sleeper Convertible Crib Bed Rail

Dexbaby Safe Sleeper convertible crib bedrail transitions your child from crib to toddler bed figuration. Dexbaby offers a safe and sturdy rail that complies with the new safety regulations by using only the highest quality materials, and is secured to the crib’s frame not the mattress. Also, it is taller than other rails, has no exposed sharp edges, and folds down for easy changing. Like all DEX rails, no tools needed to assemble.

A great bed rail for the restless sleeper

I have had a lot of problems with my daughter rolling off her bed since we transitioned her from a crib to a big girl bed with her convertible crib . She has always been a restless sleeper but now that there is nothing stopping her from rolling right off it has become more dangerous than it was before. I bought this as a recommendation from my sister who uses it for her daughter and absolutely loves it. I have to say I am definitely not disappointed. The first thing that went into the pros column was the fact that there wasn’t any need for tools. The rail itself was extremely easy to install and only took under ten minutes all-in-all. I was impressed with the fact that it is attached to the actual frame of the bed as opposed to just being attached to the mattress because I definitely feel that it is sturdier and more likely to hold up in the event that she rolled into it.

A safe, convenient addition to any nursery

When we are doing storytime at the end of the night, she likes to have this guard rail out of the way so we can get close and she can point at the pictures while I read. That’s when this rail’s ability to fold down really comes in handy because I can get it completely out of the way without having to take it off and have to put it back on when it needs to be up. This is also a really great option when you are traveling to avoid a surprise floor visit when you are sleeping in a strange bed. I use this at motels when I am visiting my parents so that my daughter, who has to share a bed with me, doesn’t roll off and it seems to work beautifully.

DexBaby needs to add better directions

Although the assembly was easy and it all took barely ten minutes I do have to say that the instructions left some to be desired. They were not as clear and straightforward as I would like them to be which can be very difficult. For example, I was trying to attach the entire rail to the crib when it was finished being assembled and in the instructions it looked like they were attached over the top of the springs that hold the mattress up. I attempted to put them on like that and it did not work so I finally figured out that they were supposed to go on underneath and so I finally got it set up. This all could have been avoided by the company adding more concise instructions.

Overall, a great Safe Sleeper

I am definitely a fan of this product and it has made its way onto the list of baby and toddler products that every parent should have in their nursery. It does a great job and makes me less concerned to leave my daughter sleeping. This is great and definitely lets me have a little more “mommy time” which is much needed. I have already recommended it to a ton of my friends and they all love it too. It is something that you should definitely look into if you have a squirmy toddler and I highly recommend it!