Rock and Soothe With Windsor Glider and Ottoman

This “Windsor Glider with Ottoman” is the perfect product to complete your nursery. It has enclosed metal bearings for smooth gliding motion, generous seating room with padded arms and pockets for extra storage.

The perfect glider to complete my nursery

I had my heart set on a neutral color scheme for my son’s nursery only to find out a couple days into looking for furniture and decor that all the neutral furniture and decor was either ugly or dingy looking in my opinion. Then I came across this and I ordered it right away. I just love the clean look of the gray on white and how comforting and homely it feels. I was really happy when I received it to find that it was actually extremely comfortable to sit in. It makes those three a.m. nursing sessions a little easier on the back when I have this to sit on. Both the glider and the ottoman were very easy to assemble and took less than an hour. The only thing that made it take a while was that you need to make sure to align everything and put in the screws before you start tightening it down.

This glider and ottoman combo has great features.

I love that this glider has pockets on the sides because it makes it easy to have things right where you need them. I like to keep a bottle of water and some sort of protein bar in there because I have noticed that you can get hungry or thirsty very easily when you are breastfeeding. It is also a good place to put your phone, charger, or the baby monitor in so that they are within arms reach when you need them. I really like the fact that this glider glides completely silently. With some of the other gliders I was considering I read multiple reviews saying that it either squeaked or made a grinding sound when it rocked. I am so glad that that isn’t the case with this one!

This Windsor product isn’t perfect

One thing I noticed about this glider is that the armrests make it kind of difficult to breastfeed comfortably. I wish that they were either farther apart or a little bit lower because it would make it a lot easier to get your arms into it to cradle the baby while nursing. I also wish that the rocker and the ottoman had a locking mechanism. Since the ottoman doesn’t lock it makes it a little bit harder to rock the glider without sticking one foot down to push off of the floor.

An awesome glider and ottoman combo

All-in-all, I think that this glider is a really sound investment. Not only is it a really great product but it is also a way better price compared to most of the other ones on the market today. I have had it now for almost a year and it is still in great condition. It still looks great in his room and later on as we transition him into a big boy room we will probably end up putting this into storage so that we can use this glider for the next baby. I highly recommend checking this out if you are in the market for a new glider.

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