Safeguard With Honest Good Baby Proofing Cabinet Latch

At Honest Good, nothing is more precious to us than our little ones. That’s why we created our line of baby proof safety goods. These cabinet ties by Honest Good are simple to install with no drilling or adhesives yet extremely effective in keeping small children out of cabinets. Try them out and we guarantee you’ll simply love them!

The perfect alternative to destructive cabinet latches

I rent an apartment which means that I am kind of limited when it comes to baby-proofing products I can use. I obviously can’t drill holes into the cupboard doors because that would damage them by leaving holes behind. I also cannot use the latches with the strong adhesive because those also tend to damage the cupboard doors when they are taken off due to the extra stickiness of them. These are the perfect solution for me. They simply hold the door shut by basically tying it and keep it well secured even against nosy toddlers and babies. I also really like that they are eco-friendly. I like to make my footprint small as possible and that helps me with that.

Soft for sensitive baby hands

I like that these are made of cotton so if my baby comes and tries to pull on it it does not hurt her fingers. It is just a simple cord of cotton that will be gentle unlike cord or something similar that could potentially cut her tiny, chubby hands. I also like that it comes in a pack of five because it saves me having to buy them individually and saves me money as well. Probably my favorite part of the design of this latch kit is how easy it is to install and take off of the cupboards. It literally takes seconds which makes my life a whole lot easier!

This baby proofing could be a choking hazard?

One thing that I would be mindful of is the hazard that could possibly come with this latch kit. Because it is essentially just a cotton string with a fastener on it. The way that it is designed means that the child could potentially take the fastener off and choke on it. I solve this by tying a tight knot underneath the fastener to make sure that it stays securely on there. That way my daughter can’t take it off but I can still open my cupboards easily. And my last complaint is that they are not a very attractive way to baby proof. Unlike the latches that sit inside the cabinets , these sit on the outside and are a bit of an eye sore! However, for what they offer I can see past it!

Perfect option for baby proofing a rental

I think these are great if you are renting like I am or if you are wanting to baby proof while still maintaining the condition of your cabinets. These are great for that as well as being eco-friendly which is always a major plus! I have bought multiple sets of these so that I can baby proof my entire kitchen as well as the bathroom and some cabinets I have in the laundry room and my bedroom. They work very well and I haven’t had any cupboard-raiding-baby incidences in a while. If you are any of the types of people I mentioned above I definitely think that these are worth checking out!

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