Similac Go & Grow Stage 3 Milk Based Formula

Similac Go and Grow Stage 3, for helping balance toddler’s diet. Now that your baby is growing bigger and eating more table food, it can be hard to tell if she is getting the nutrition she needs. Similac Go and Grow formula can help ensure your older baby is getting the balanced nutrition she needs for growth and development. It also helps support her natural immune system for good health.

I bought this for the in-between stage when my son was twelve months and he was too old for regular formula but didn’t like the taste of cow’s milk yet. I tried this out and he loves it and I love the fact that it is specially formulated to protect his immune system and chock full of tons of vitamins and nutrients to keep him healthy and happy. It also has worked great as a transition into using whole milk and I could slowly decrease the amount of formula and increase the amount of milk to wean him off.

My son loved the flavor and it worked exactly like the infant formula so it was simple to make. It’s hard for me to get my toddler to eat enough nutritious foods to get everything he needs to be healthy so having this formula as a supplement is great since it is full of vitamins and nutrients essential to his development.

The only thing that is not great about this product is the price. It is a little pricier than other formulas but I think that for the quality of it and how much my child loves it, it is well worth the price. If your child is anything like mine he also won’t be on this formula for long as they will be transitioning into drinking regular milk very soon after starting on this formula.

Overall, I’d say that this is a must have for that transition time. It makes it all so much easier and painless and ensures that your child is getting enough nutrients in a day. The peace of mind you get from that is definitely worth the price. My son and I absolutely love this product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to wean their child off formula or even breastmilk.

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