SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier

The LILLEbaby ergonomic baby & child carrier combines more carrying positions, lasts longer, and includes more features than any other baby carrier. The all seasons line features an adjustable center panel: zip up for warmth and zip down to reveal cool, breathable, 3d mesh. 1. Six ergonomic carrying positions – includes every carrying position without the need for an infant insert: front-fetal, front-infant, front-outward, front- toddler, hip and back carry. The complete grows with your child through all the baby wearing years, from 7 lbs to 45 lbs. The patented cupped seat adjusts to keep baby ergonomically seated in all six carry positions through every development stage. 2. Lumbar support – increases comfort, maintains healthy posture and alignment, and prevents lower back strain. Combined with an extra sturdy waist belt to maximize parent’s comfort. 3. Two-Way strap new! – enable wearer to carry “backpack style” or with straps crossed in the back. Dual adjustment buckles simplify breastfeeding and adjusting straps on the go. 4. Sleeping hood- features dual adjustment points to provide tailored support for baby’s head while sleeping, sun protection while exploring, and privacy while nursing. Removable. 5. Extra tall, extendable torso – so comfortable your baby will fall asleep. Provides extra neck and back support and keeps taller babies secure in the carrier. The adjustable width gently cradles baby’s head. Elastic straps provide support while allowing for movement and easy adjustment. 6. Pockets new! – large zippered storage pocket, plus easy-reach pocket for storing hood and essentials. 7. Wide, padded shoulder straps & waist belt – evenly distribute baby’s weight for maximized comfort.

I have tried almost every child carrier on the market and none of them have worked as well as this ergonomic baby & child carrier does. It is comfortable even for me and I have a very small frame. Most baby carriers either don’t fit right or swallow me whole. This one fits well and is very comfortable even after wearing it for a long period of time. I really like that there is six different ways to wear this so I can use it for practically any task I need to do and still have both the baby and myself comfortable.

It is very breathable which is nice if the baby is in it for long periods of time to prevent overheating and sweating. It is really easy to put on by yourself which is great for a stay-at-home mom who only has so many hands. The hood is great and keeps sun, rain, and wind off of the baby and it will keep my daughter from waking up if she falls asleep in it.

The instructions that came with this baby & child carrier were quite confusing. Luckily it is not too hard to figure out but more clear instructions would be helpful in figuring it out quicker. The mesh on the inside it also a little bit scratchy. I don’t like to put my baby in in short sleeves or in just a diaper because it seems like it would irritate her skin. I just make sure she’s wearing pants and a long sleeved shirt or a sleeper when she goes in so that there is a barrier between her skin and the rough material.

I love this product. I think that it is one of the best options for baby carriers out there today and I will continue to use it until my daughter grows out of it. I will also use it for future children and I am sure that it will still be around because it has very minimal wear. I highly recommend this ergonomic baby & child carrier to anyone that is in the market for one. I’m sure it will work as well for your family as it has for mine.

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  1. I bought this last week for my son who is 6 weeks old. The product itself is nice and well made. I love that it has the back support and over all feels good. Yet I am in search of a newborn friendly carrier. I selected this one because it is well prices at $140ish with tax, the back support, multiple ways to wear, breathable material and not having to buy an insert for a newborn. I looked at the instruction which are great and come with pictures. So I tried it. For a new born the say to roll up a blanket to make it ergonomic friendly for my sons hips. But it was hard to get him in by myself. I have a very tall bed and the was the only way I could him in because I laid him on the bed and then strapped him in. I could imagine trying to do this out of the house. Once in my son was not having it, he began to cry. I think for a newborn carrier it did not fit my needs. I’m still in search for a new born carrier. I might return to this one because the back support is great! But at this time I’m going to have to return it.

  2. I got this product last week for my 7 month old daughter. Up until now we were using a wrap, but I was looking for a carrier that I could back carry with (as doing chores with her always in front isn’t always easy) I love that you put them on the front first and rotate them to your back. I was a little worried about putting her on my back alone without dropping her, but this feature is awesome! I also love the zipper down mesh to help her keep cool (she was really starting to sweat in the wrap outside in the warm weather) I also love the cute pattern – I bought the owl pattern and it’s so stinkin cute I love it.
    It’s also super comfortable for mom and baby. The extra lower lumber support is amazing. I’ve tried a bunch of other brands (including ergo, bjorn, infatano) with my first child and I was uncomfortable within an hour or two of wearing. This is why we used the wrap for so long! I was dreading moving on to a structured carrier.. after doing a ton of research I was in between this one or the tula, I tried on both and decided this one was the one for us.
    I bought the carrier on sale for 25% off, a great perk as it’s over $200 retail.
    The only complaint I have so far is the button that holds the fold down cover has come off the strap. You would think for the price of the carrier it would be a little more sturdy. I’m going to take it back to the store to see if they can exchange it (I am assuming it’s a one off), if not I will be contacting lillebaby directly.
    Other then the button issue, we absolutely love this carrier. Definitely worth the money and beats all the others I’ve used with my previous child.
    I would 100% recommend this carrier to anyone with a baby over 3 months.