Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym

Lots to do and see in the Treetop! Our adorable treetop friends activity gym features soft linen and patterned arches and includes a matching supportive Tummy Time pillow. Five hanging toys attach to 13 easy-to-hang loops offering irresistible multi-sensory play for baby at every stage of development. A mirror and built-in sounds and textures on the mat add to the fun.

I bought this for my son because I loved the muted colors of it and that it wasn’t too loud and flashy like all the other play gyms on the market today. I love the colors and the design and the fact that, even though it isn’t as brightly colored as some other ones, my baby likes it just as much. There is a mirror on the mat in the tree that my baby loves to look at when he’s doing tummy time and it makes it more fun for him.

He also loves to reach up and grab the owls hanging from the bars and sometimes I will detach them so he can play with them. The pillow that comes with it is great and my son loves it. It is like a mini boppy and I can use it to prop him up a little bit so that it’s easier for him to reach up and grab the hanging toys. There are also crinkly leaves and he loves the sound of them.

This treetop friends activity gym is one of the pricier options out there and for a play gym it is definitely an investment. I like it a lot though so it makes up for being a little bit of extra cash. The toys in the center don’t seem to hang down far enough for him to reach even though he seems to be able to reach the ones on the outer perimeters just fine. My biggest complaint is that the padding is very thin and I don’t feel that it has enough cushion. I like to fold up a blanket and tuck that underneath so that it provides a little bit more padding.

I definitely think that this is money well spent. It might seem frivolous to spend almost seventy-five dollars on a play gym but when you think about how long the baby will continue to use this product it doesn’t seem like quite as much. I like the fact that the muted colors and simple design is not overwhelming and overstimulating my baby. I highly recommend this treetop friends activity gym.

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