Sleep Soundly With Everything Kids Toddler Bedding Set

All aboard the choo choo train. The Everything Kids choo choo 4 piece toddler bedding set is perfect for your little engineer. In classic colors of navy, grey, red and yellow, the Everything Kids choo choo 4 piece toddler bedding set chugs down the track. Made from extra soft microfiber fabrics, the convenient 4 piece set includes a printed comforter, flat top sheet, fitted bottom sheet, and a printed pillowcase. Designed to fit a standard toddler size bed, with a 28 x 52″ mattress.

An adorable addition to a toddler’s room

I bought these as a set to put in my son’s train-themed bedroom. When we transitioned from a nursery to a toddler bedroom we decided we needed a new bedding set to go on his convertible toddler bed . I absolutely love it and I think it adds something special to the room. The sheets and pillowcase are really nice quality and the comforter is warm and super comfortable. My son absolutely adores this bedding set and he is not too happy when it ends up in the wash. I love that this is the perfect size for my son because it fits his bed perfectly and he also does not kick it off the bed as easily.

Surprisingly durable for Kid’s bedding

I am very pleased with how this bedding has held up to daily use. There has been no tearing at the seams and I haven’t noticed any bare spots either which is amazing! I have washed it over a dozen times and the colors are still as vibrant as they were the first day. I am very happy about this because I have noticed that a lot of toddler or kid bedding wears out and loses its vibrancy pretty quickly because of cheap fabrics and dyes. So I was very happy to see that this one wouldn’t follow that pattern. The sheets are really lightweight and breezy and then the comforter is nice and warm which is nice because my son can just wear the sheets in the summer but the comforter is warm enough throughout the entire winter.

I wish this bedding set was cotton!

When I received this bedding I was kind of disappointed to feel that these were not the fabric I wish that they would be. I looked at the product description and saw that it was polyester which I did not read before ordering unfortunately. This is not the manufacturer’s fault of course but I wish that I had read it before I ordered it. I am not a huge fan of polyester except for the fact that it is a lot lightweight like I mentioned earlier. It tends to slip off of the bed easier than cotton would but my son loves it so I don’t really care. It did have a slight chemical smell when it first came out of the packaging but the smell came right out in the first wash.

Gives you everything!

I absolutely love this bedding set and I think it is one of the best things I have ever bought for my little one. He adores it and it makes him excited to go to bed at night. I am so happy with how it has turned out and how well it has lasted so far. At the rate it is going I have a feeling that it will still be going strong when he is ready for big boy bedding. I think that this is cute, useful, and well-made and this is one of those products that I definitely don’t regret spending my money on. I highly recommend this toddler bedding set for your little one!

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