Soothe With Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

Comfort & Harmony’s Portable Swing in Cozy Kingdom fashion will surround your baby in a plush kingdom of luxurious fabrics and adorable jungle characters. The Portable Swing is designed to fold in a snap to make travel or storage easier. TrueSpeed Technology maintains 6 consistent speeds-even as baby gets older. WhisperQuiet technology ensures that baby won’t be disturbed by noise while swinging and listening to 6 melodies. You can easily control the volume level as well as the amount of time baby swings thanks to the handy swing timer with auto-shut off. The ComfortRecline seat offers two positions and surrounds baby in soft fabrics and a headrest that can be removed as baby grows.

Perfect solution to comfort a fussy baby

When my daughter was around a month old, she became very colicky and fussy. She wanted to be held around the clock and nothing else would help her. We had a bouncy chair that our older son had loved and she refused to be put into it. Finally I became desperate and started looking for a swing. We bought and returned quite a few before stumbling upon this one. I didn’t hold out much hope for it and only tried it as a last ditch effort. I was very shocked to learn that it really worked extremely well to soothe her. She stops crying instantly when you put her into it and turn it on and she eventually falls asleep. It was extremely easy to assemble and took me under a half and hour. There are multiple speed settings which really comes in handy with her because when she is sleeping she only needs a gentle movement to keep her asleep but when she is fussing she requires a little more gusto behind the swing.

A swing with many great features.

My husband loves that this swing is portable. With our older son we thought that we needed the biggest swing they had with all the bells and whistles but in reality it just ended up getting in the way. This one is much easier because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It can easily fold up when it is not in use and be tucked away where it won’t bother anyone! The cover is super easy to clean. It just slides off and I can throw it into the wash with the rest of her laundry and then pop it back on and it looks as good as new. The seat recline is adjustable which is especially helpful for us because, as I mentioned, my baby has colic. The straps are also adjustable which means that this will fit my baby for a nice, long time! The music is nice as well.

Cozy Kingdom’s flaws

Although the music is nice it is a little loud. The volume only has two setting which are both pretty noisy and nothing that is nice and low as I would like. However, you get used to the noise level after using it for a while. I do hope to see the brand add a quieter setting for those of us who want it. I have had an issue with the straps opening and closing. They seem to be a little bit stiffer than I would like. I expect that, with use, these will soften and become easier to work with. I don’t necessarily think this is a con but it is something that I thought that anyone looking to buy this should know. The speed dial makes a loud clicking noise when you turn it. This might wake up any sleeping infant which is a bother when you want to turn the speed down while they nap. This is an easy fix and not at all a deal breaker.

A great swing!

For the quality at a very low price, I would definitely say that this is an awesome product. I might be a little biased because it saved my sanity with my fussy little girl, but I still think that this should definitely be on the shopping list for any expecting parents. Swings can get really pricy but this one stay under a hundred dollars and still delivers all of the quality and features you would expect of a swing. I highly recommend this to any parents in the market for an amazing swing!

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