Soothe With Tiny Love Take Along Mobile

Keep baby calm and content, with this mesmerizing mobile. Adorable, colorful animal friends, with black and white geometric designs. 30 minutes of continuous minutes. Fits most pack and play, travel cribs, strollers, infants seats and bassinets. Mobile arm separates for easy carry in any diaper bag.

This mobile is great for in the car

Honestly, the only reason I bought this was because of how cute it was. I didn’t know if I would use it anywhere else when my son was very young but I loved that it had the option. When my son was born we discovered very quickly that he did not like being in the car at all. He would scream every time we put him into the car seat and wouldn’t stop until we took him back out. We tried everything from me sitting in the back seat with him to prong nursery rhymes on and nothing seemed to work. After a little while of enduring this I thought to try the mobile on the car seat because it did such a good job of soothing him when he was in his crib. The next time we had to go somewhere I grabbed this off of the crib and strapped it onto his car seat. That was the first of many silent and halt car rides.

Take Along mobile is an adorable addition to my son’s nursery

Not only is this super useful in the car and in the crib but it is also super cute. The plush animals are so adorable and colorful and they really catch my son’s attention and keep him interested. I love that the arm can come apart from the actual mobile because it makes it really easy to take on the go. I also like how easy this was to put onto the crib. It only took me a couple of minutes and then I could get back to everything else I needed to do. There are also some amazing features in this mobile. One of my favorites is the auto shut-off feature which means that you can leave it on for your baby and go to bed and you don’t have to worry about wasting batteries. I also love that this can be put on my baby’s Pack N Play because it makes it super easy when we are on the go!

A couple things Tiny Love could change

There are a couple of ways that I think this mobile could be improved. The first way is I wish that this mobile had volume control. It is not overly loud or anything but I think it would be helpful to have the option to turn it up if the house is loud or turn it down when you are aiming to get the baby to sleep. I also wish that it was easier to remove the plush animals for when you need to wash them. They are a bit of a hassle to take off and I feel like it could be much easier. My last complaint is that there is no variation in the music or the revolving speed. This kind of annoys me because the music can become very obnoxious and monotonous. I feel like if they added a few more songs it would really improve this mobile.

An awesome mobile for fussy babies

This has really made a difference in my baby’s demeanor. We have taken this in the car every time since he was two months old and we even use it now when he is almost a year old. He loves it and even enjoys having it around even now that he is old enough to hold toys and entertain himself in the car. I don’t know how we would have survived car rides up until now without this mobile and that has been the biggest testament to how well this works to maintain the baby’s attention and keep him so interested that he doesn’t think to cry. I highly recommend checking this mobile out if you suffer from fussy car rides!

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