Soothe With WEDNA Rotating Galaxy Night Light

This is a new popular cosmos star projector lamp, it can help you put the universe back home, give you a piece of the sky changes color, without need for hard to find the field. It could produce the spangled stars all over the sky, rotating its base, creating the most romantic atmosphere,that is Star Beauty!

This night light helps my son sleep!

Even from a very young age my son has been afraid of the dark to the point that he would stay up screaming all night unless he had a light or something on. Unfortunately, it seemed like any light that we found would either be too bright and keep him awake or too dim and he wouldn’t be comforted. While visiting a friend I noticed this night light in her toddler’s room and asked her about it. She told me that it calmed him down and watching the stars really put him to sleep. I decided to order one and try it out with my little guy! The first night we tried it was the best night of sleep I have gotten since I gave birth to him. Not only is it bright enough to calm him but dim enough to let him sleep but it is also very calming to him to watch the stars move around as my friend said and it puts him to sleep without me needing to do anything!

Rotating Galaxy has so many cool features!

I love how many color options this night light has. Sometimes it is cool just to play around with them and try out a new one every night and it keeps his attention a lot better than it would if it was just one color. I am also happy with the fact that this can run on either battery power or USB-power so that I can take it with us when I travel but I also don’t have to continuously buy batteries when I am at home! You can even turn off the spinning so the stars are just still. This is a great feature because sometimes I worry that the motion of the stars is going to make my son sick so I switch it off once in awhile.

A few things WEDNA could fix

I wish that this came with the adaptor that enabled you to plug the USB cord that comes with this into the wall. Fortunately, I had an old one laying around that went to an old cell phone but it would be nice if they just threw it in with everything. I also wish that the cord was a bit longer because plugging it in by an outlet has proven to be a bit of an issue for me because it didn’t reach from where I put it on the dresser. However, this is not necessarily a con it will all just depend on how your nursery is laid out and where the outlets are located. Lastly, I wish there was a timer on this so that I didn’t have to try to remember to go turn this off when I go to bed. It would make it a lot easier. This is a flaw I can look past though!

A really amazing galaxy night light.

I really like this night light and I think that it is a really original idea. I love that it is totally inexpensive while still delivering awesome quality. I have read some reviews of people saying that it broke really easily but I have not found this to be an issue. In fact, I have dropped this night light more than once and it is still going strong even after over six months of use. I also love that this is not a super baby-ish night light so my son can continue to use it even into childhood and beyond. I highly recommend checking this night light out if you are in the market for one.

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