Splash In The Step2 Play and Shade Pool

Fun for all at this toddler pool party. Includes two molded-in seats, umbrella and funnel cups and spinning wheel for endless sand fun. Features two molded-in seats. Designed to hold a 40” (101.6 cm) umbrella that nests nicely on the side of the pool providing shade for your little one at play. Includes 3 funnel cups and a fun spinning water wheel that attach easily to the umbrella post for added play. Molded-in designs at the bottom of the pool provide traction for little toddler feet. Minimal adult assembly required.

A perfect pool for young kids

I purchased this for my two toddlers during the summer so that they could have some fun and cool off in the back yard. I wanted one that wasn’t too deep or took up too much room and this one is perfect. It is extremely sturdy so, unlike our blow up pool, it is not constantly needing to be patched or re-inflated. The umbrella also shades about two thirds of the pool which I like so that my kids don’t get too much sun. The sides of the pool are molded into benches so that the children can sit on the side and dip their feet in. It is the perfect size for my toddlers and they love to play in there together and splash around. It is nice to be able to either stick them in this or their playard and rela

A good quality pool

I really like how sturdy this pool is and the fact that, even if both my kids are playing in it, I am not worried about slips, trips, or falls. It has a diameter of around three feet from one side to another and even though it is quite small it does hold a good amount of water. My kids love playing with the spinning cups and it adds a little something extra to have them there. The bottom one is a funnel and when water is poured into it it turns the water wheel. My older daughter has so much fun with this addition and can play with it for hours on end.

Step2 made a very small pool

As I mentioned previously, this pool is on the smaller side and will probably not work for more than two or three children comfortably. I think it is perfect for my two kids and they have a lot of fun so this isn’t an issue but if you are planning on having lots of kids in this pool at one time I might recommend you invest in something larger. I also wish that this pool had a drain so that I did not have to lift the whole thing to dump the water out every time. This becomes quite inconvenient but on the bright side it means that there is absolutely no leaking. I can definitely overlook it not having a drain because it does have a lot of other great features.

Overall a really good pool

I definitely think that this is a good quality pool and I am glad that I invested in it. It has provided some cool fun on really hot days and gave me a way to cool off grumpy toddlers. Now that summer is ending we actually bought a bag of sand and made it a sandbox for the fall months and my kids love it. They have so much fun and I am happy that we made this a really multi-functional toy and it saves me a lot of money. I am excited to continue using this as long as I can and to find new ways of playing in it every day. I highly recommend this pool to all of you parents with grumpy, overheated toddlers.

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