Stand Out With Dardara Soft Structure Breathable Baby Carrier

The 2 in 1 carrier is designed to take babies up to 12 kg. This means comfort is also an important factor for parents. Baby can face in ,face out. The carrier easily adapts to each position as your baby progresses. A removable and washable bib attached to keep parents clear of any dribbling and to soften babies position from zips on parents coats. The leg opening is also cushioned. The carrier itself is integrated with a breathable 3D mesh, to keep baby cool and reduce sweating. Two padded shoulder straps will make you feel easy to carry your baby for a long time. A front pocket for your daily storage. Good For Your Baby’s Development. Ergonomic design that promotes healthy hip and spine development.

Great support and structure

I have a bad back so a lot of carriers really hurt it and they end up being more of a hindrance than a help. This one doesn’t seem to have that issue and instead makes it easier to carry my daughter around. It has crossed straps on the back which helps with distributing the weight evenly over the entire span of my back. I love that it does this because it means that I can avoid sore spots or aching shoulders. It is also comfortable for my daughter because if all of the padding that it provides. It has a lot of padding in the area that she sits in as well as the shoulder pads. I absolutely love the bright red color of my carrier. It makes me stand out and is a nice change from the boring black that most baby carriers are these days.

Dardara carrier comes with great features

One thing that really stood out to me was that this carrier came with a burp cloth attached to it. I love this because it has been a lifesaver during the spitting up stage of babyhood. It can also be removed from the carrier and washed separately. This is great for two reasons: one, it gets dirty way faster than the rest of the carrier, and two, it is white and the rest of the carrier is red. I love that I can avoid having a splotchy, pink burp rag! The leg holes on this carrier are quite spacious and even fits my chubby baby’s leg. It was a struggle to find something that fit her legs because everything would pinch or be very uncomfortable so I love that these fit! That being said they are still small enough that she isn’t going to slip out or get chafed because it was rubbing her the wrong way.

This baby product needs better instructions

Something that is not so great about this product is the fact that the instructions are in Spanish. As someone who only speaks English, this is very frustrating. On a lot of other baby products that I have bought there are instructions in English, French, and Spanish so I feel like they should include the other languages in this as well. I ended up just looking it up online but, as I mentioned, I feel that it should be included. Another con is that this is difficult to get into position alone sometimes. At first it was nearly impossible and I had to have my husband help me get it on and secure but after owning it for a while I have discovered a couple of tips and tricks to aid the process. I don’t really see this as a deal breaker just because I think that it comes with the territory for these types of carriers but I thought it would be worth mentioning and warning other parents.

A great product from Dardara

I really enjoy using this carrier now that I have gotten used to it. I use it daily and it has held up better than I expected. Even now, in the summer months, it stays relatively cool and doesn’t seem to overheat either myself or my daughter which is a major bonus when it comes to these things. Anytime I’m asked my opinion on must-have baby products I mention this one. To me this is a definite staple for any new mom because it enables you to still have the snuggles but also get things done when you need to. What more can you really ask for. If you didn’t already guess by me singing it’s praises, I highly recommend this Dardara carrier!

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