Stay Dry With Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

Wrap your baby in Pampers Swaddlers diapers, our most trusted comfort and protection and the #1 Choice of US Hospitals. Our Blankie Soft diaper with a unique Absorb Away Liner pulls wetness and mess away from baby’s skin to help keep your baby comfortable. It also has a color-changing wetness indicator that tells you when your baby might need a change. Finally, we make sure your baby’s delicate belly is protected with the contoured umbilical notch.

The only diaper that works for my son

I have bought these and only these since the day my son was born. I have never liked any other kind of diaper that we have been given as gifts or have used at the doctors. These seem to be the most absorbent and the most comfortable diapers that we have found so far. They recently changed the design and a lot of people have complained that it is not as absorbent or something else that they have found that is wrong with the diaper but I think that it is still just as good as it ever was. I have had very minimal diaper explosions with these diapers and it seems like any time I use a different brand I end up cleaning poop from all the way up my son’s back.

Swaddlers will tell you when the diaper is wet

Probably my favorite feature of these pampers diapers is the little yellow line that turns blue when the diaper has been soiled. It stops me from having to check his diaper so often because it is a very clear yes or no answer. I also like that the leg holes have an elastic in them so that they hold in any moisture or anything unpleasant that may be in the diaper. It helps to make sure that nothing is leaking down his legs which is a very obvious bonus! The thing that puts these diapers so far above every other kind for me is the price. In comparison to other brands I definitely think that these are reasonably priced.

Pampers should improve these things

One thing that I am not such a big fan of is the fact that there is no elastic in the back of the diaper. This means that there is nothing holding the back piece against my child’s lower back. I don’t like this and that is the only thing that I can see that another diaper has that this doesn’t. I would really love to see Pampers add that to this diaper soon! I have also noticed that the diapers run a little bit on the small side. I have had to go a size up with diapers when they should still fit according to the sizing on the package. This is not necessarily a terrible thing but it is definitely something to keep in mind when it comes to picking out the right size.

An awesome diaper all around

I am honestly super pleased with these diapers and I think that they work really well for my family and our needs. I have bought so many boxes of these diapers I think I have lost count. These are my tried and true and I think that I will stick to buying these from now on because they work perfectly and there really is no point in trying to find something else. Please keep in mind that every baby is different and not every child is going to love these but I definitely recommend at least giving them a shot.

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  1. We tried Huggies in the hospital and we weren’t a fan. They do have the moisture indicator, they’re really soft and they have the elastic in the back so it fits well on all babies. He just seemed to get constant rashes and blowouts in them. Once we left the hospital, no more huggies.
    When we got home, we had so many different types people had given us.
    I really wanted to use Honest Co diapers because they are so adorable. They were TERRIBLE. My son had a constant rash from using them and he always blew out, plus they don’t have the moisture indicator which we LOVE.
    I received a sample of Parasol Co diapers and while I love them (they’re SO soft), they also lack the moisture indicator and are extremely expensive compared to Pampers and Huggies.
    Someone had given us a packaged of Luvs, we used maybe 3 before we just took the box back to wal mart because we hated them. You could always see my sons poop through the bottom, he blew out of the three we tried, and also, lack the moisture indicator.
    I recently got a sample from ALDI’s new line of baby products, they’re almost as great as Pampers swaddlers, but they definitely aren’t as soft.
    We also tried the Baby Dry line from Pampers, absolutely hated them! My son was sleeping through the night so I figured these would be a better option for him. They aren’t very soft, he always blew out and had constant rashes during the time we used that one pack.

    Things we love about Pampers Swaddlers:
    -The netting in the diaper allows the poo to go through and baby isn’t constantly sitting in it
    -Extremely soft material
    -Moisture indicator makes it so much easier to tell when baby is wet
    -We never get rashes with these!
    -Minimal blowouts; I’m talking maybe 4-5 in the 3 months of his life. We’ve used Swaddlers the majority of the time since he’s been home.

    These have definitely proved to be our favorite diaper. Through countless tests and trials with different brands and styles, these have always been our favorite since we brought our nugget home. They’re probably one of the more expensive diapers you can buy besides brands like Parasol and Honest that have online subscriptions, but so worth the money! We will be Pampers customers until our LO is out of diapers for sure.