Stay Hassle Free With Kidsy Universal Stroller Organizer Bag

Countless parents have found themselves in the exact same situation. Trying to find your phone or water inside a black hole of a tote while you are busy pushing the stroller is simply not practical! Fortunately, this cleverly designed stroller organizer can instantly solve your problems! A practical tool for every parent – this stroller organizer allows for organizing your essentials with ease and keeping them in the reach of your fingertips!

Great bag for long walks

As someone who enjoys walking, I have struggled many times with tossing all of the things I need to take with me in my diaper bag and walking out the door. Then later when I need something I have to dig through my diaper bag to find it. Then I found this. This stroller organizer has saved my sanity more than a couple times and it makes it easy for me to find my water bottle or my phone as well as anything else I might need. It has a compartment where I can put my wallet as well and everything is accessible so I don’t have to rummage through a bunch of stuff to get one thing.

A cute stroller organizer

One thing I like about my stroller organizer is that it is all black except one red tag with the brand’s name on it. It means that it matches my stroller perfectly and probably almost every other stroller as well. It is easy to put this onto the stroller or take it off and it is only velcro so you don’t have to bother messing around with snaps or anything like that. It fits perfectly on my stroller and most likely anyone else’s because it is supposed to be universal. Even though this bag is really sturdy and you can tell that it is well put together, it is also very lightweight and doesn’t add any extra weight to the stroller. The type of material that this bag is made of means that it is extremely easy to clean and just needs to be wiped clean in case of a spill. If you wanted to I am sure that you could throw it in the washing machine and air dry.

This bag hangs a little too much

One thing I will say is that this bag does tend to hang a little bit lower than I would like. Because it is velcro I don’t feel like I can tighten the straps enough to keep the organizer from flopping all over the place. This is not a big deal and I have not had it break off or anything fall out so far. The only reason I am even mentioning this is because when I bought this I wanted to put coffee in it for my morning walk with my baby. However, I would not feel comfortable putting hot beverages in this because it slides around so much. This is the only thing that I do not like about this organizer.

Overall, a great product from Kidsy

I definitely think that this does a great job of replacing my diaper bag and allowing me to find my stuff quicker than I could have otherwise. I like being able to go for a walk and not have to dig out my phone from underneath a pile of stuff every time I go to check a text message. This is one of the things that I would call an essential for me because it simplifies my life a lot. I highly recommend checking this product out!

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