Stay Organized With CubGear Universal Stroller Organizer

Need more stroller storage space? Tired of having to stop and dig for things you can’t find? Hate carrying an extra bulky bag around? Introducing the CubGear Stroller Organizer! Our accessories bag includes a Free Adjustable Shoulder Strap that converts the durable carry-all into a shoulder bag or clip it around your car’s headrest for a back seat organizer. Have peace of mind knowing that you have everything neatly organized and easy to access.

A great stroller organizer for on-the-go

I hate taking a whole diaper bag when I am just going out for a walk or going to run a few quick errands. It hinders more than it helps and is a nuisance to carry everywhere I go. That’s why I like this bag so much. It is a lot smaller than a diaper bag and it just clips right on to the stroller itself so that I don’t have to lug it around. It feels extremely heavy duty and well-made and it seems like it would hold up under a lot of weight. It has multiple pockets so there is a place to put some diapers and wipes as well as my phone, keys, and water bottle. I can even fit a couple of toys in with everything else and it still has room for a couple more things.

A convenient organizer

This bag is easy to fold down for easy storage. This is great for those days when I won’t be using it but don’t want it to take up too much space. I just fold it down and put it in my closet. It can even be put into the diaper bag just in case. The material that this is made of is canvas-like and that makes it extremely easy to wipe off in case of spills. It can also be put into the washing machine but I haven’t needed to do that because of how easily things wipe off of it. The stroller clips can also be joined to form one large carrying strap so that it is easy to hold. This is great for picnics or things like that where you don’t want to take your stroller right up to the table but don’t want to leave your keys or wallet behind.

This CubGear product is a little bit small

This organizer was smaller than I expected. When I received it I was quite surprised at how miniature it was. After going back and looking at the measurements I discovered that they were accurate. Although this is not necessarily a con, I thought it was worth mentioning just in case someone else wasn’t paying attention as well. One thing that I would say is a con is that the flap that covers the middle compartment isn’t a zipper closure. It has velcro and only at the top. This means that the sides come apart from the walls of the compartment and form a gap. The gap could either be a pro or a con depending on what you use it for. Personally, I use it for my wallet so if it starts raining my wallet is unprotected and I need to cover it with something. I hope to see them fix it soon and add a zipper closure or velcro on the sides as well.

A great storage organizer from CubGear

I like this organizer and the convenience it provides me with. I think that it is a great option for someone who owns a stroller that has no cupholders or storage for the parent. It has definitely done a good job and I would repurchase it if need be. It has held up exceptionally well to use and I think that it will last until I no longer need it. I highly recommend this organizer to any parents.

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