Stay Safe with UpSpring Milkscreen Quick Accurate Test for Alcohol in Breast Milk

In just two minutes, milkscreen quickly and accurately analyzes breast milk for alcohol. Every mother is unique so, naturally, the way our bodies metabolize alcohol is unique, too. Metabolizing alcohol depends on several factors including body weight, type of alcohol consumed, and food intake so milkscreen was created to eliminate those variables. milkscreen also helps ensure that the alcohol concentrated in Moms breast milk is not at a level that may have negative impacts on Baby. Studies have shown infants consuming breast milk with alcohol concentrations at approximately 30mg/dl, or 0.03%, and higher have exhibited distinctive changes in feeding behavior and sleep. Babies consume less if the milk contains alcohol and they also sleep less and wake more frequently. We have set the milkscreen test to show a color change at 0.02% to help Mom stay within recommended feeding guidelines.

I love my milkscreen

My husband and I have enjoyed having our glass of wine and talking since we have been married and I was sad to see that go when I got pregnant. After I had my daughter I didn’t think that we could enjoy that time together anymore because I was breastfeeding. My doctor recommended that I check these out because they are very accurate and would make sure that I do not let alcohol go through my breast milk. I have to say they work wonderfully and definitely relieve my mind of any stress. These are also a lot cheaper buying online rather than in store.

Quick and accurate tests

I have only once had a positive test with these out of all of the times I have used them and that was after drinking relatively heavily at a get together with friends. I have milk pumped and stored in the f reezer for occasions such as this. I was surprised and pleased with how fast I got the results that I had gone above my limit for breastfeeding. It was a very definite positive and it comforted me in the fact that these really were going to be an accurate reading. It makes me a lot more comfortable knowing that I am not hurting my child by indulging in a glass of wine every once in awhile and unwind like every mother needs to every once in awhile.

Don’t cut these tests in half

I read that a bunch of women were cutting these in half to save on costs. I thought that this was cost-efficient but at the same time I had reservations as to whether or not it was a good idea. I decided to test it out and dipped one test cut in half and one test that was whole into my breast milk after having more than one glass of wine. The whole test changed color and the test that was cut in half stayed white. I want to warn all mothers out there that if you use this test do not cut it. It will not work properly. I sincerely hope that those women stop cutting them and that those babies don’t have any issues because of the mistake.

UpSpring has changed the breastfeeding game

I find it very pleasing that I can still enjoy the time with my husband while having the bond that comes along with breastfeeding my daughter. I like the fact that if I have any doubt whatsoever I can test it and get an accurate reading with a simple yes or no answer. It removes the guessing from it all which also removes the stress and worry. My baby’s health and well-being is my number one concern as I am sure most mothers would say and this ensures I do my best to make sure she has the best shot. I highly recommend these to all breastfeeding mothers especially if you plan on treating yourself with an adult drink.


  1. I bought these because after our first baby-free night, I wasn’t sure how long alcohol would remain in my breastmilk. We really wanted to be sure it was free and clear before giving it to baby. I purchased the 20-pack from Amazon because it’s a way better deal! They are a little pricey, but there’s no price on baby’s safety! A 20-pack should also last you quite awhile so they really are a good price for what you get. Each strip has the pH screen coordinating to your BAC on the back so you don’t have to pull the instructions out every time.
    They’re extremely simple to use, just dip in your breastmilk and wait two minutes to see the result. Make sure you wait because it does take the full two minutes to finish. I exclusively pump and bottle-feed so it’s really convenient for me. It may not be if you aren’t pumping, but it’s not hard to express a little bit of milk to test, you only need a small amount.
    They’ve always worked for me and seem to be accurate. I can usually see the result coordinate with how much I’ve had to drink.
    If there’s any blue on the strip and you’re feeling full, you can just pump and dump the milk until your milk is alcohol-free. The strips will tell you your approximate BAC so you have an idea of how long to wait.
    These are a great buy if you want to enjoy the occasional glass of wine or have a baby-free night.

  2. These have been fantastic! It leaves a great reassuring feeling after I’ve had a glass that I can still feed my baby girl. It is so simple to use and so quick!