Stay Sanitary With Sassy Baby Disposable Diaper Sacks

Sassy Disposable Scented Diaper Sacks provides a safer and more sanitary way to dispose of diapers. Bags seal in wetness and bacteria from soiled diapers, while baby powder scent helps control odor.This is a must have for nursery and for moms on the go with baby.

The perfect sack for a diaper bag!

More than once I have found myself out in public with a dirty diaper in my hand. I do not like throwing them in the public garbage cans because I feel like it is rude to leave that kind of mess for someone else to clean up. Sometimes I will carry around grocery sacks to tie them up in and that way I can throw them away with less mess but it is hard to remember to pack them all of the time. I finally decided to buy these because I figured if I can just put the whole box into my bag I won’t have to restock it for a long time. These work perfectly for what I need them for. They are the perfect size to put a dirty diaper in and tie it up and it does a really good job of locking in the smell. The bags themselves smell like baby powder so it masks the smell without being overpoweringly perfumed.

An inexpensive disposable diaper sack

I love how many bags you get for the price with this brand. It is a lot more than you get with a lot of the competitor brands and they are very comparable quality. These also last a surprisingly long time. If the bag is a number one it can be tied up and put back in your diaper bag and then you can simply untie it and add another one and they will hold two or three depending how full it is. If it is a number two I like to throw them away right away but even so the same box will last me a couple of months.

A couple things that aren’t so great about these bags!

One thing that I have noticed that is different about these bags as compared to the competitors is that this is a bit smaller. The Arm & Hammer bags are bigger which means that they can hold more diapers. I haven’t noticed that there was any deficit in the size of these and as I mentioned before this can hold up to three diapers so I don’t see a problem. Another con is not in the bag itself but in the box. That is that it is not very easy to dispense the bags and a lot of the time it will end up making a mess of sacks all over the change table or diaper bag. I wish that they would add the kind of dispenser that they have in diaper wipes container because it would make it extremely easy to get them out one by one.

An awesome product by Sassy Baby

I love these bags and they have definitely removed a lot of the stress that comes along with taking a new baby out in public. I have even used this at home when we run out of the refills for our Diaper Genie to make sure that his nursery doesn’t end up smelling like dirty diapers. I think that this whole product idea is really smart and it is just like the bags you use to pick up your dog’s waste. I highly recommend investing in some of these bags for your diaper bag because they really are a lifesaver!

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