Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set

The Storkcraft hoop glider and ottoman set gives an instant lift to the decor of your nursery. It makes feeding time easy for mother and child while adding a touch of charm to the room. The soft polyester gives a comfortable feel while being durable. With enclosed metal ball-bearings, this wooden glider allows for incredibly smooth rocking. Solid wood construction gives these pieces a sturdy feel that you’ll appreciate far beyond the baby years.

I was looking into gliders to put in my daughter’s nursery but the only ones I could find were quite expensive and out of my price range. I stumbled across this Storkcraft hoop glider and ottoman set and bought it immediately. It fits in perfectly with the color scheme and the theme in her nursery and I think it is very pretty and nice quality for the low price.

It was very simple to put it together and only took me around a half an hour and it includes a hex wrench that is used to assemble it. The mechanism is very nice and makes for a smooth glide, which is perfect when you’re trying to rock a baby to sleep. I have not had any problems with squeaks while I am rocking or any sort of noises from the mechanism.

The seat cushion is not the most comfortable and when I sit in it for an extended period of time I do start to get a sore bottom. I usually just put an extra cushion on the seat to add some extra padding and might even look into getting a replacement cushion for this seat. Also with the light color of the fabric it does get dirty easily. It is not very easy to clean, given the type of fabric it’s made of but it is possible. I am almost positive that any chair would be as difficult to clean but it would be helpful if it were waterproof and could just be wiped clean.

Overall, I think it’s a great chair for the price. It is a nice quality piece of furniture and will be great for someone who is on a budget as it is more affordable than some of the other gliders on the market. It is a very stylish chair, and the color is beautiful. I highly recommend this hoop glider and ottoman set to any parents in the market for one.

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  1. I bought this glider when I was expecting my first child about 2 years ago. It was great for my budget and didn’t take up too much room in the tiny apartment we lived in at the time. I still use this glider daily to blow dry my hair as we await the arrival of baby number two. Overall I have been pleased with this purchase. It is sturdy and I don’t worry about it breaking on me any time soon. However, the cushions have seriously worn down over time. They weren’t the most comfortable to begin with but now they are on the verge of being useless. With some time at my sewing machine I can easily make new ones so that isn’t a huge deal breaker for me, especially at this price point. All in all this is a decent glider for the price and I would definitely buy it again in the same circumstances.

  2. I bought this glider from someone in our neighborhood, basically brand new. It was already assembled when I bought it so I’m not sure how easy it was to put together. My crib and dresser are also Stork Craft and they were fairly simple assembly, though. I love this glider, it’s colors are neutral and can go with basically anything. It’s so comfortable and I love the suede material. The arms also have little hanging pockets to put nursing accessories, etc. I didn’t buy this at full price, but definitely would buy again at full price if I needed to as it is very affordable. It’s the perfect size and fits right in the corner of the nursery. if you’re looking for an inexpensive, sturdy glider, this is such a good option!

  3. I bought my glider from someone when I just found out I was pregnant. It has been one of the best things I bought. When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy and couldnt get comfy I used to sit on it and because it is padded so nicely it really became my favourite piece of furniture in the house. When my son was still new born I used to sit with him on it and rock him to sleep (myself include). My 5 year old daughter also loves this glider and wants to claim it for herself for when she tells me she needs to relax

  4. My glider was purchased as a gift for me. It complimented my nursery just perfect. It is the best thing ever. It is great for breastfeeding or those nights when the little one just doesn’t want to go to sleep. I love my glider. We get good use out the ottoman as well. I have fallen asleep several nights in it.

  5. I bought the stork craft hoop glider and ottoman around the middle of my pregnancy. It was very easy to assemble, even being 5 months pregnant. It is very comfortable. The padding is thick so there is no worry of feeling the wooden parts of the chair when sitting on it. It has two pockets, one on the outside of each arm. They are very handy. I store the TV remote, a water bottle, burp cloths and more in them. I use this chair exclusively when I nurse my son. It is the only place I can get comfortable. It is my favorite piece of nursery furnature. I would definitely recommend to any parent.