Stroll With UPPAbaby 2015 Vista Stroller

Love. Marriage. Baby carriage. Life moves fast. However, first-time expectant parents are about to experience new shifts in speed. Grocery runs become a crawl. Dirty diapers are reason to sprint. While second (and third) time parents have more realistic expectations, the Vista keeps them all moving forward, no matter what life throws their way. Its intuitive design folds easily, has multiple configurations, maneuvers like a single and more – so parents can pick up the pace as much as they possibly can with a newborn. Or small children who like to run in opposite directions. Or both. And just roll with it. Like previous model years, the Vista is designed to adapt as your family grows. Only its enhancements adjust to changes in life’s momentum – be it weather, terrain or life stage – even better than its predecessor. The new Vista can comfortably hold two MESA infant car seats and then adapt to two toddler seats (rear or forward facing) plus a piggy-back. All while strolling like a single.

The Vista grows with your baby

The biggest thing that I love about this stroller is the multiple different ways you can use it. It comes with a bassinet which I loved because it is much more comfortable for my daughter when I want to go for a walk and have some time with my husband. For the price you pay for this stroller I think that it is amazing that they include a bassinet attachment. I also love that you can make the child rear facing or front facing. My daughter hated front facing up until a couple weeks ago and always wanted to be facing me. This really came in handy in that situation and made going for a walk a lot more enjoyable for all of us. Now that she likes front facing better I can face her that way with no problem.

This stroller makes for a smooth ride

Because this stroller is so inexpensive I expected the quality to be cheap quality but that is not the case at all. The way that this stroller glides is very surprising and it is extremely easy to push. It maneuvers corners exceedingly well which really comes in handy when I want to take it out shopping in a crowded mall or supermarket. It comes with a rain cover that I have made use of multiple times since I live in Seattle where it is always rainy. It covers her well and does a good job of keeping her dry and comfortable. Lastly, it is extremely easy to clean. I simply take a damp washcloth and wipe the surface of the stroller and I have not had a single stain.

UPPAbaby could improve this stroller

I wish that this stroller came with an adjustable handle so that it would be easier for me to push. Being only five foot four it becomes difficult to push after a little while because it strains my arms. With all of the pros of this stroller in mind this small flaw is not a deal breaker. I do wish that they would improve on this aspect of it though. I also wish that this stroller came with a cup holder because it would be a nice addition to the Vista. I bought a stroller clip and attached it to my water bottle and that does the trick but this is something that could definitely be fixed by the manufacturer.

Five stars for the UPPAbaby Vista

I think that this is a really great option for someone that wants an all-in-one type of stroller. The Vista is an affordable, well built, good quality product that I really enjoy owning and using. I like the fact that it saves me money in the long run by growing with my child to offer me the best product for my money. I will definitely be using this stroller until my child no longer needs one and I will be using this with any future children. I am extremely happy with this purchase and I highly recommend it to any parent that is in the market for a stroller.

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  1. This stroller is amazing. Being able to adjust it for a growing family makes it worth the higher price tag. Bassinet…2 seats…1 seat 1 piggy back…etc. and still the compactness of a single stroller. I wish they were able to keep the weight down as with the previous version. The big basket was one of my FAVOURITE selling feature. The bassinet was great to delay purchasing a crib at the start of a new baby too!

  2. Love this stroller!!
    I like how it comes with 2 attachments. I used the bassinet for my baby to sleep in at the side of my bed and it works perfectly because she doesn’t like it while strolling around. Also the piggy back is really good and I’ve been using it for my 2 month old. Although her head and harness is too big for her she does like it and falls asleep. I like how it collapses really easily but just lifting it in my trunk is a little heavy. (But then again it’s a stroller and I can’t compare to any other strollers weight) It does drive smoothly and the basket is a great size for storage. I would recommend this product to any new mothers out there!