Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

The 3D lite convenience stroller is a durable stroller that has a lightweight and stylish aluminum frame and is one of the lightest and most feature rich convenience strollers on the market. With an easy to fold frame and carry strap, you can be on-the-go or stow and go with ease.

I live on a third floor apartment with no elevator meaning that I have to carry any stroller I have up three flights of stairs. That’s why this 3D lite convenience stroller is perfect for me being that it is so lightweight and portable. I can carry it up the stairs even when my son is in it, which makes getting up the stairs a million times easier. It’s also easier to fold up while I am holding my son, which is a nice feature and it has decent storage.

The reclining feature has a really wide range of angles from almost completely horizontal to allowing the child to sit straight up. There are adjustable handles which comes in handy since I am just above 5 feet tall and my husband is 6 feet tall and the feature makes it easy for both of us to use the stroller. The sunshade is surprisingly large for an umbrella style stroller, so it’s nice for summer walks.

Unfortunately, it does not stand when it’s folded. This means that it either needs to be propped up or it takes up a lot of floor space laying flat. It is a smaller style of stroller which means it may not work for very tall kids as their heads may go over the top of it. If your child is of average to medium height then this should not be an issue.

Overall, it is a nice little stroller. It is great if you want something small and lightweight but don’t mind if it’s missing some of the bells and whistles. I think that this is a great option and I highly recommend this 3D lite convenience stroller to anyone who’s in the market for one, especially if you live in the city or in an apartment building that has a lot of stairs.

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