Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit

The Complete Nursery Care Kit includes 21 grooming and health care items essential for any nursery. A durable storage case is included so parents can keep each item conveniently close at hand at home or on-the-go.

This is one of the first things that I purchased when I was expecting my first child. It seemed like it had everything I might need in a care kit. It has proven very useful since he was born and I have had a need for every item in the kit within the first three months of motherhood. It contains almost everything that you’ll need for the entire first year. My son got a cold when he was three months old and I have never been more thankful to have this.

I looked into the other care kits on the market and most of the ones I came across didn’t have a few of the items that were included in the Summer Infant kit, such as the toothbrush and teething toy. Which are two things that I have found to be quite useful. I’m glad that they came in the kit and I didn’t have to purchase separately. The bag it comes in is very cute and fits nicely into my diaper bag or purse for when I need them when I’m out of the house, but it also fits nicely on a shelf in the nursery so I can use it at home. I love that it is brightly colored and has a pretty design as well.

These are not the best quality items and there is no denying the fact that if you were to buy them individually you would get better quality items that would probably last you longer and be less likely to break, but it would also come at a much higher price. I also wish that it had come with a toothbrush for an older baby or toddler, but it is nowhere near a deal breaker.

The quality of the items in this kit have done the job for my family very well and have not broken yet so I don’t mind that they are not the fancy ones. This is probably one of the smartest and most useful baby products that I have bought. The value is better than expected and I would highly recommend it to anyone with kids. I don’t know if it will last for future use but if it doesn’t I will definitely repurchase without a second thought.

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