Summer Infant Lil’ Luxuries Whirlpool Bubbling Spa and Shower Tub

Clean and pamper your baby with the Summer Infant Lil’ luxuries, whirlpool bubbling spa and shower in a luxurious spa experience at home. With a calming whirlpool and massaging bubbles, keeping your little one entertained and soothed during bath time has never been easier!

I bought this whirlpool bubbling spa for my daughter because she hated bath-time and I thought that this would be an awesome way to make bath-time a bit more fun. I set it up and the first couple times of using it she had a blast. She loved the bubbles and played the whole time. I loved the fact that I could give her a bath anywhere including the kitchen counter and also that I could hose her down with the sprayer and make sure that there was no soap residue.

Unfortunately, after having this product for not long at all it stopped working. The sprayer would not turn on and the pieces were practically falling apart. I tried fixing it but the shower attachment would not start working no matter what I tried. After looking at reviews online I discovered that this is a problem that a lot of people, besides a lucky few, had with this product.

I also discovered after I stopped using it that water was getting into the battery compartment and getting the batteries wet. This ruined the batteries and it looked like it made them leak battery acid. This was upsetting for me because it could have hurt my baby if I had continued to use this tub for bath time. This is definitely a manufacturing error.

I am disappointed with this product and I will be returning it. I was going to just throw it away but it is not a cheap item and I want to get my money back. The idea of the product is a neat design in theory and I think with tweaks and the problems mentioned above being fixed it could be a really awesome baby product but until they redo the design I do not recommend using or buying it.

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  1. the whirlpool was of no use and the water would come out of no where. I thought the shower could help me to lather my babies hair,i cannot control the flow of the water so what happens is the water would go inside my babies eyes or ears.the only good things about it is the baby holder and I’m still using it now.

  2. I had a very strong love/hate relationship with this product. I loved the thought of it, and my son used it a few times and although he liked the product it was a hassel. It would randomly stop working and I thought having a sprayer gave me more control but it always acting like it had a kink in it. Also, with having a small baby its to much to try to drag it out and put it back up! I would recommend saving the money and investing in something that breaks down easily and just all around not as complicated.

  3. nope! we do not like this product! not worth the money at all!!! do not buy it!!! it looks really cute, baby gets their own tiny tub, and shower wand for cleaning. the batters it requires are expensive and have to be replaced often. the shower wand does not work well. its big and bulky with no where to store it. not something i would buy again.