Summer Infant Ultra Plush Change Pad Cover

The Ultra Plush Change Pad Cover is made of the softest fabric available. It fits standard change pads and accommodates for most safety straps. This super soft pad cover is stain resistant and machine washable. You and your baby will be more than impressed with the soft feel of this product.

This change pad cover really came in handy especially when my son was younger. It’s so soft and plushy that he didn’t mind being on it with bare skin and it didn’t irritate his sensitive skin at all. I also didn’t have any problems keeping it clean and nice looking because it is pretty waterproof and the mess didn’t soak into the fabric. Any messes that got on it just wiped right off with a damp cloth or wet wipe and the cover came almost all the way clean.

If it needed an actual wash, I could just take it off and throw it in the washing machine really easily. I’ve washed mine multiple times without any visible wear or damage and I haven’t seen any spots where the fabric is thinning from the machines. It always comes out looking really clean and like it never had anything on it in the first place. Even after several washes it still feels just as soft as when I first bought it and I haven’t had any problems with it shrinking. I never had to struggle to try to put it back onto the change pad when it came out of the wash it slipped on and off very easily.

Even though I really do love this product I did have one issue with it which is when I ordered mine I thought it was going to be more of a pastel color but when my order arrived the color was a bit brighter than I imagined it because it did look a little bit lighter in the picture. That really wasn’t that big of a deal for me because I didn’t have a set color scheme but definitely keep that in mind when you are purchasing it. It still worked just as well in my son’s room and doesn’t look out of place, I just wish that they would make the picture more true to color.

I ended up buying quite a few of these change pads so that I could switch it out when they needed washing and every one that I bought worked perfectly and was just as soft as the last one. I would definitely repurchase and use this change pad again if I were to have another baby. It just makes some of the gross parts of parenting not so gross, or at least easier to clean up after.

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  1. I absolutely love these covers. I switched to this cover after I bought it to have as an extra. After the first use, I was hooked and bought a few more. Before I used it, my son cried during every diaper change, but after I started using it, he seemed happier! I really think he enjoyed how soft it was and I loved how durable it was. I’m on my second baby and still have the same ones I bought 3 years ago! If that doesn’t show how great they are, I don’t know what will! I highly recommend these to everyone!

  2. The Summer infant ultra plush change pad cover is perfect for the change pad I have, it fits perfectly and creates a cozy spot for my little one while I change him instead of the cold wipe-able plastic material of the change pad. The material is super soft but also does not soak through if it gets messy. The cover is easy to apply and remove for easy clean up which comes in handy in the middle of the night when you have a crying baby with a wet diaper. I definitely would order more of these if I needed more covers.

  3. I bought one of these not knowing if I was really going to need it, thank heavens I did! My newborn baby girl doesn’t mind it at all. I’ve washed mine a few times already and there are no signs of damage from the wash and the material is still soft and plushy. It’s way better than putting the baby on a plain cold changing mattress. I’m definitely buying more of these.