Swaddle In Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers

HUGGIES® Snug & Dry Diapers offer protection you can count on, so you can focus on all your little one’s daily adventures. Plus, they also come with the trusted leakage protection of the Leak Lock® System.

These diapers really keep the baby dry

I have used multiple brands of diapers and every one I have been disappointed in. They either didn’t keep the moisture off of my baby, they leaked, or they didn’t fit him right. These are the only ones that I have found that I genuinely love using. They do a really great job of wicking the moisture off of my baby’s diaper area which prevents nasty rashes and discomfort for the little guy especially if I can’t get around to changing his diaper right away in the event that we are in the car or something of that sort. The tabs that keep the diaper closed do a really good job of staying closed and he wasn’t able to pull them off even though he has with other brands.

Snug & Dry is the perfect fit

One of my favorite features of these diapers was the fact that they had the ruched material in the back right above the butt so that they fit right up against his back. This makes it easier to avoid blowouts because there is a little bit more of a barrier there than with other diapers we have tried. With any other diapers he has a diaper blowout at least once a day but with these we have cut that down to the point where he doesn’t even have one every week. I have read a lot of reviews recently saying that the bigger sizes leaked and I was worried that the same thing might happen when I switched. My son is now in the larger size and I have not experienced leaking. Every child is different in the way they move, sleep, and sit so I am not sure if that is why they work for me but I also recommend changing the diaper at least every four hours to avoid not only leaking but diaper rashes and discomfort.

I don’t know when these diapers are wet

One thing that I am not one hundred percent content with is the fact that, unlike most diapers, these don’t have a line that turns blue or something like that to let me know when it is wet. Sometimes you can’t tell for sure if it is wet and you can end up changing a perfectly dry diaper which is a waste. I would love it if Huggies would add some sort of sign that tells you when it’s wet because it would make it a lot easier. That being said I am still going to use these diapers despite the lack of one.

I am definitely a Huggies mom

I will never go back to using any other brand of diapers after seeing how well these work for us. I know a lot of people that Huggies don’t work for though so my advice to you would be to explore the brands and see what’s out there for you that works for the individual needs of your baby. These are the best for me and my family and we absolutely love them. I would definitely say that this is the best brand that I have tried and if you are looking for a good diaper I think you should try this out and at least see what you think of it.

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  1. We bought a huge box of Huggies to start off when we had our baby boy. Unfortunately, baby consistently peed right through the newborn size and we found ourselves changing both his clothes and our clothes quite frequently. I’m not sure if it was due to his low weight (6 lbs) or if this is typical of these diapers. The weight indication on the box said he was using the correct size. Such ashame as we are big Disney fans and I loved the Pooh characters. We will definitely try Huggies again as baby grows, but for now we will use Pampers.

  2. We are using the Huggies Snug & Dry diapers (size 1) for our Son and we love it. It is such a life saver specially for night time sleep! Sometimes my baby poops after 2 days and generally those are the big poops. This diaper is very handy during that phase. I will definitely suggest using this type to the moms on the run.

  3. I’ve had tbe pleasure of being able to try all sorts of different diapers. We had a large babyshower and have well over 60 packages of diapers.
    I LOVED the huggies swaddlers, so was excited to try the huggies snug and dry. While these diapers are fantastic and keep my little ones bottom dry, and absorb the moisture away from him. Im just bummed the diapers arent as soft on the exterior, its almost itchy for me so I can only imagine if its unvomfortable for his precious soft skin.

  4. Not happy with this diaper. Leak often. I have a girl, I’ve heard it works better for boys. Also, my baby is slim, I’ve heard it works better on bigger babies. I guess it all depends on the shapes and built of your baby.

  5. I actually like this. It fits smaller than pampers but hugs better on my baby. I did get a few spills to the side but I think that if it’s really wet and my baby has poop, I notice that it did spill out. But you have to make sure that it’s on properly of course!

  6. Huggies snug and dry are the ONE AND ONLY diaper I use for my months old sensitive little body! They are by far the best diaper I have encountered 🙂 keep him dry and snug and never once had a mess or a blow out ! Love love love 🙂

  7. I started out using pampers swaddles; that’s of course what they use at the hospital where my baby was born. I like them until he got in size ones they leaked all the time. We tried Luvs and parents choice(Walmart brand).
    Then we tried Huggies snug and dry we haven’t used anything but Huggies since. Huggies are cheaper and better at pulling the moisture away and into the diaper instead of letting it sit on the skin.
    Huggies don’t have the line to tell when they’re wet but I don’t care about that as long as the diaper does its job; which Huggies do I recommend them to anyone and everyone.
    They fit my son perfectly he is always moving and they never leak. They seal the wetness in the diaper. I love that I don’t wake up to a baby soaking wet and that I can always count on his bed being dry too.
    My son is a bigger boy he’s almost 6months and people thinks he almost a year old. He’s in size 4 diapers the only time I’ve ever had a problem with the Huggies is when he’s growing out of one size into another size. They leak a little because they were small on him. There wasn’t enough room to draw the moisture into the diaper.
    I’ve never had a problem with him having bowel movements in the diapers. it’s never came out the side or went up his back like they did in the other brand of diapers. He’s always seemed comfortable in the diapers. He doesn’t seem to notice he has a diaper on.

  8. Huggies are the best brand of diapers out there. My son is 3 months old and we have tried many different brands thanks to gifts from friends and the hospital he was born at. He has either peed through the other brands or he gets so wet he wakes up after just going once. I have never had that problem with huggies. The diapers allow him to sleep through the night and he stays dry. This allows for less diapers used. I also like the fact that they don’t leak like other brands do. Also he has sensitive skin and huggies seems to cater to sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend huggies to any parent that asked me.