Transition With Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat

The Evenflo Big Kid Amp Booster Car Seat gets your child excited about sitting in a booster seat! With 6 height positions, the back adjusts as your child grows, keeping the side and head support in the proper position. It also transitions into a no-back booster. Your child will love the comfortable padding around the head and body. Elastic cup holders are perfect for a juice box or a quick snack.

A great, simple booster

I chose this booster seat simply because it was minimalistic while still being a good fit for what I needed it to do. It is very slim and doesn’t take a lot of room in the backseat. This is great because we often need to have three children in the back of the car and this means that they aren’t too squashed. I am also a fan on the cupholders. They are elastic on one side which means that they are going to fit a majority of different sized cups and I don’t have to specifically buy a sippy cup that will fit in the cupholders. It is great that the cover is washable. I like to give my son pureed food pouches in his booster on long trips so that he doesn’t get hungry. More often than not at least a little bit of the gets onto the seat. This way I can pull the cover off and throw it into the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Great to transition into a “big kid seat”

This booster has decent neck support for my son while he is sleeping. It isn’t the best but I like it a lot because it holds his head up if he needs it to but isn’t bothering him when he is awake. This seat is also easy to install as well as take out of the car which is handy. The design is stylish and my son likes the color and patterns on it. I am also happy to say that it is extremely easy to turn into a backless booster seat. It is a great way to make the transition from a car seat to a regular seat a lot simpler.

The seat should be more padded

One thing that I dislike about this seat is how thin the padding is. It is not something that is comfortable for a long period of time and that makes it hard to take car trips without having my toddler complain of his butt hurting. I sincerely hope that Evenflo adds more padding to this seat soon. I also wish that this seat came with a five-point harness. It would be overall safer and definitely give me a lot of peace-of-mind. Of course every car seat or booster seat on the market has to meet the minimum safety requirements but I would feel a lot better knowing he was securely strapped in.

A great booster by Evenflo

I think that even though this is not a perfect product it does a pretty good job of coming close. I definitely think that it does a good job and keeps my toddler safe while still being cute, affordable, and space-saving. I will be using this up until my son is in a regular seat in the car and I am glad that I have this super convenient option that keeps my baby safe and sound. I highly recommend checking this booster seat out if you are in the market for one!

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  1. As a Child Passenger Safety Technician and a mom of 3 in car seats I’ve seen all to often how the belt fit on a Child in a booster can be really poor and unsafe. The fit to vehicle is also a concern with many seats. I often recommend this seat for it’s versatility in fitting many vehicles well and allowing many children that meet the specs of the seat a great belt fit. Highly recommend.