Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

The Ubbi steel diaper pail is made of powder-coated steel to achieve maximum odor control. It is equipped with rubber seals that are strategically designed to lock in odors as well as a sliding lid that minimizes air disruption, keeping the smell inside the pail. To meet the needs of today’s parents, this award-winning nursery essential offers the convenience and value of utilizing any standard trash bag or reusable cloth liner. This feature makes it the easiest disposal system to load, use, empty and clean. Offering a modern and sophisticated twist to a once very industrial product, the sleek Ubbi steel diaper pail includes a child-proof lock and is available in an array of colors. All the style and none of the smell – a promising solution for every nursery.

I knew I wanted a diaper pail that contained the diaper smell because no one wants their house to smell like a toilet. But I didn’t want a big, ugly, bulky diaper pail like most of the ones that I looked at. I came across this Ubbi steel diaper pail and saw that it came in multiple colors and patterns and that it was not a gigantic contraption that would take up a lot of space. I ordered it and I love it. It is sleek and compact and it looks nice in the nursery.

It actually does hold in the odor. I had some doubts but I was proven wrong and I couldn’t be happier about it. The stainless steel and the rubber seals mean that nothing escapes it. It can hold up to fifty diapers, which means that it doesn’t have to be empty too frequently that it becomes a hassle and you can use any kind of trash bag you have on hand, which saves on costs instead of having to buy specially made diaper pail refills. You can also lock the lid which will keep animals and curious little children out of it.

It is one of the pricier ones out there and I was more than a little skeptical buying it but since trying it I can honestly say it is worth the price. Some of the cheaper plastic one still smell when they are closed and it ends up being a useless product but this one has not had that issue.

If you are willing to spend the extra money, Ubbi steel diaper pail is the best diaper pail on the market in my opinion and I would highly recommend this product over any of the other ones out there. It has worked perfectly for my family and, because it has held up remarkably well, I will definitely be using it in the future.

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  1. I’m a first time mom and grew up always hearing about the Diaper Genie. My girlfriend who had her daughter 6 months before I had mine told when when I was doing my registry “Don’t register for a Diaper Genie, they don’t hold the smell well, and the bags are so expensive! I got an Ubbi and it’s been amazing!”
    So off I went to Babies R Us to do my registry and when I find the Ubbi I’m shocked by the nearly $100.00 price tag. Who pays $100.00 for a diaper pail?! I registered for it anyway, thinking I wouldn’t get it, but my husbands best friend made the purchase and we thank him every time we see him!
    Not only does the Ubbi look stylish, and more like a regular garbage pail than one for diapers, it truly does hold the smell. My little girl is super smelly, like make you gag smelly and Ubbi hold that horrid stench in all week till we change the bag out on garbage day. You would honestly assume that we bring the diapers out to the garage as soon as she has soiled them because there is literally NO smell in the house.
    Not only is it worth the higher price tag for its looks and ability to keep the house stink-free, you’re saving money on bags for it, because it takes ANY brand bag! Yes you can get Ubbi brand bags and liners, but you don’t have to! We went to Home Depot and got a box of like 100 kitchen bags a little taller than the Ubbi for about $8.00. That’s nearly a years worth of bags if we change it weekly!
    In my opinion, the Ubbi is a no brainer so take the money you’ll be saving on bags and buy it. Unless you like the smell of soiled diapers, you’ll be so glad you did.