VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

Make tracks with the sit-to-stand alphabet train, teaching little ones letters, numbers, colors, songs, stories and more. The sit-to-stand alphabet train features 13 double-side letter blocks, a book with six turning pages, five colorful number buttons, one movable elephant character, a motion sensor, a ride-on carriage and a drop-space for sending the blocks from the train to the carriage. You can use alone for floor play, push along as a walker, or attach to the carriage as a ride-on toy. Plus, with the Sit to Stand Alphabet Train, there are two ways to play. Choose from two play modes: Walker Mode and Discovery Mode.

I am extremely impressed with this sit-to-stand alphabet train. I bought it when my son was just learning how to move around and showed interest in walking. I wanted something that would give him that extra little push in the right direction and that’s exactly what this does. He started out sitting on it and pushing off with his legs which really built up his leg strength. He now holds on to the handle and walks and he is very close to walking independently.

It was really easy to put together and it has held up extremely well despite the many times it has gotten knocked over or tripped over just like all the rest of his toys. My son is quite entertained with the toys that are on the train and he loves to turn the pages of the book and pretend to read what the words say. He also loves pressing the buttons and making music play.

I wish the seat was a little closer to the handle so that it was easier for a seated child to reach and steer. It is not a huge deal because he just pushes off with his feet anyways but it is definitely something that could be improved. I also wish that this toy had a bigger variety of music. It has one song and my little guy likes to listen to it on repeat which can become quite annoying. I don’t know that having more songs would help though because we have a ton of movies and yet he still watches the same one on repeat anyways but a choice would be nice.

I am a big fan of this sit-to-stand alphabet train because it give the kid the opportunity to get up and get active instead of just being something that they can sit around and press some buttons. I have witnessed other kids learn to walk and none of them have learned as quickly as my son has and I attribute that all to this toy and how much it has aided him. I highly recommend this to anyone who has kids. I think this is a staple in any household raising children.

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  1. This toy has so much to offer. I purchased this toy when my son was 6 months he loved it, this was his go to toy until he was 2 yrs old. It helped him walk when he was learning and when he was just a crawler it had to much to help keep him entertained, after he had walking down he learned to ride it. The fun never ended it is a great product.

  2. We actually received this as a gift on my sons 1st bday 2 years ago. We received it 3 times from 3 different people. The good thing about it is that the baby can sit and play with it, or use it as a walker or even ride along the train. Its also a great way to learn the alphabets.