Walk With Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller

Taking the City Mini to the next level, the City Mini GT gives you the ability to pave your own way. All-terrain wheels let you decide how far you want to go off the beaten path. And with little touches like an adjustable handlebar to adapt to the parent’s height, and a hand-operated parking brake, the City Mini GT is very accommodating.

Perfect stroller for general use

I love this stroller to simply take my daughter out on walks in because even if you get onto an area where the sidewalk is not smooth you still get a reasonably smooth ride. I like this because I can go virtually anywhere and my child will not get jostled around inside the stroller. It’s so easy to maneuver due to the single front wheel I can easily turn in with one hand. It also helps that this is lightweight especially because I live in a top-floor apartment and I have to carry this stroller up and down the stairs constantly. It is extremely easy to fold and I can do that with one hand as well which is a great feature to have when you are wrangling a small child.

The City Mini GT is beautifully designed

I am a big fan of the solid black color of this stroller and I feel like it gives it a very sleek and stylish look. I wanted something that my husband would not mind pushing when I am not there and this one does the job beautifully. The sunshade is also quite large and covers the child quite well and there are two flaps that you can open whether I want to let a little sunlight in or peek on my little one. I also really like the fact that there is an adjustable handlebar. I am below average in height and it makes my arms and shoulders extremely sore to try and reach a handlebar that is not adjustable.

This baby jogger has a few flaws

When the canopy is all the way up there is a big drop in the fabric and it will rub on your child’s head if she is a toddler. It annoys my daughter and she always requests to have it opened. I don’t think it being opened is a huge deal so this is definitely not a deal breaker for me. The recline options go all the way to almost flat but it does not get to a fully seated position. I wish that it would be more vertical because my daughter is at the age that she wants to be exploring and looking at everything and when she is lying inside a stroller she can’t do that as well. This is an excusable flaw because of all of the great features but it is definitely something that Baby Jogger could improve with this stroller.

A great option if you’re looking for a lightweight, general use stroller

I have owned this stroller for a while now and it does a great job of growing with your child. It works at every age and stage that I have experienced with my daughter so far which makes it a really good investment. I think that this stroller will work until she no longer needs to use one and I will definitely be using it until then. I highly recommend this stroller to any parents who want a lightweight, general use, stylish stroller.

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  1. I really like the City Mini GT. As soon as I was able to start walking after my c section I was able to use this light weight stroller. Even going up a few hills (I use that term loosely since I live in Florida) it was smooth and easy to push. We’ve been using it with the infant car seat attachment which is also very simple to put together and snap in the car seat.

    I find the stroller to be very portable since it is so lightweight and actually prefer to bring it along instead of just carrying her in her car seat.

    A friend has also used this stroller for light jogging (they don’t recommend it so be cautious) and her baby loves it (he’s older, almost 1).