Watch Over With Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Large 5″ flat-screen color LCD video monitor with digital zoom and rechargeable batteries for handheld portability. Digital technology ensures a private and secure connection providing parents peace of mind, day and night.

This monitor is easy to set up

I set this monitor up fairly easily in under a half an hour and had it working straight away. The monitor itself is quite large and easy to see which is perfect for someone who wears glasses like I do. The batteries last a nice, long time which I love because it means that it will last all throughout the day for naps and then I will just plug it in at around ten in the evening before I go to bed to make sure that it is charged for the next day. I love the range that this monitor allows. I can be outside working in my yard and still use this monitor to keep an eye on my sleeping baby and it gives me great peace-of-mind.

The Infant In View has great features

A couple of the things that I love about this camera are things like the ability to add multiple cameras we are expecting another child and plan on putting another camera in when that baby is born so that I can watch both of them. It will work by setting both feeds up on a split screen and allowing me to watch both at once. I also love the night-vision feature. It works very well and allows me to see a lot of detail on the monitor. The zoom feature also comes in handy and helps you see close up if needed.

The Digital Color Video isn’t great

One thing that I do have a complaint about is the video quality. It is good when everything is still and looks like a perfectly clear picture but you don’t see movement until a few seconds after it really happens. I did not even notice until I heard my baby crying from his nursery and then afterwards saw him start crying on screen. This is not a huge deal for some but I sincerely hope that they fix this problem. I would compare it to a webcam type of delay. I also was not impressed with the sound quality overall. I wish that they would add the ability to pan the room especially because the camera does not cover the entire crib. If I want to see a different part I have to go into the room and move it which would likely wake my son. This would be a great feature to have. Another thing that I would like to mention is the lack of two-way speech. I can’t talk back to my son through this monitor like I have seen a lot of other monitors would allow me to. This is again not a huge deal but something that could exponentially improve the monitor.

A decent monitor for the price

To me it seems like the pros and cons kind of even themselves out. The deal-breaker would be if you were willing to spend a little bit more money and get a better quality monitor. If you are not then this one would be good for you. It is decent quality while still being a good price. However, if you are willing to splurge a little bit more on a more expensive monitor you will get better quality. I personally will be continuing to use this one simply because my budget allows for this one and the cons are forgivable in my circumstances.