Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor

Womb music heartbeat baby monitor is a Personal Sound Amplification Product that allows you to hear your baby’s sounds like kicks, movement and heartbeats. Safe and non-invasive, Womb Music promotes bonding with your baby for both mommy and daddy with the two earbud sets provided. Includes a digital download of Personalized Lullaby Music for your baby (Included Bonus). You can even record the sounds to your computer to listen to later when the baby is older – a timeless keepsake.

When I saw this womb music heartbeat baby monitor online I was shocked that people could hear the baby’s heartbeat as early as 8 weeks, though very few can find it on their own before the 16th week of pregnancy. I ordered it immediately and tried it out as soon as I got it. It was so easy to find the heartbeat with this monitor. It came up almost immediately and the sound was nice and strong. I didn’t seem to have too much static interfering with the fetal heartbeat sounds.

This baby monitor really helped to give me peace of mind during my entire pregnancy. Any time I would get nervous that the baby wasn’t kicking enough or I hadn’t felt a movement in a few hours I could pull the monitor out and check on the baby and it saved me a lot of worrying and hospital visits. It is very easy to use and the simple design does not overwhelm me like some of the other monitors on the market these days and it comes with a battery, two sets of headphones, and an adapter so that both sets can be used at once.

There is no screen to show the baby’s heart rate, so once you find it you will need to count to figure that out. That is not the most convenient thing but it is not a deal breaker for me. It is also quite bulky, which is also a small inconvenience but is easily forgivable given the quality.

I would recommend this womb music heartbeat baby monitor to any pregnant woman especially if you are anxious about the pregnancy like I was. Even if you have no worries at all during your pregnancy this is a fun, little gadget to have and it is a cool experience to be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat whenever you want.

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